Great Lengths, Fabulous Hair at the Best Hair Salon in Montreal

When it comes to hair extensions, you normally think temporary, such as weddings, prom nights, and so on. You don’t usually think of extensions as being a permanent solution, but why not? Here at Salon Deauville, we believe that quality is one of the most important things to offer all of our clients, so we only bring the best to the table. With that in mind, we brought in Great Lengths. Great Lengths are hair extensions that are 100% natural human hair. That means no embarrassing low-quality looks, falling out, and coarse feel. Great Lengths extensions become you. Feel the need for a drastic change when it comes to your looks? Great Lengths may just be the right solution for you! Check out why…

Great Lengths Hair Extensions in Montreal

great lengths hair extensions montreal

Different Application Methods:

Luckily, there isn’t just one way to apply extensions, but many. Here’s how:

  • Machine Application: This is probably one of the most effective ways to apply hair extensions out there. There are two types:
    • Thermal System: This application style uses heat to bond the extensions to your natural hair, without damaging your locks.
    • Ultrasonic: This is a really neat application method. Instead of using heat, like the thermal system, the ultrasonic machine uses ultrasonic waves to attach the extensions to your hair. The best part? Like the thermal system, the ultrasonic system won’t damage your hair.
  • Tape Application: This application is similar to others, but unlike the cheaper quality hair extensions, this method uses a precise double-sided tape to avoid showing and falling out. It provides a seamless finish, making it look like those extensions are all yours!

Care for Your Hair:

When it comes to taking care of your extensions, you want to make sure you do it properly to ensure the longest life for your locks. Here’s how you properly maintain your Great Lengths Extensions:

  • Don’t wash your hair for 2 days, to make sure you don’t accidentally break down the bond.
  • Brush your hair several times a day to keep it from getting tangled in the bond site. Also, keep your hair in a ponytail on windy days and when you go to bed. Keep it from getting tangled will keep you from the headache of untangling your hair!
  • Use the recommended Anti-Tap formula provided by Great Lengths. This will help keep the bond site healthy and from breaking down.
  • Use the proper brushes. Regular brushes may ruin the bond, therefore creating loss of extensions.
  • Visit your Salon Deauville Stylists 2 weeks after application to make sure that the extensions are bonded properly and not falling out. You want to make sure your hair looks as good as new!
  • Expect your hair to fall out. Your natural hair falls out several times a day, so don’t be surprised or alarmed if your hair and extensions start to fall out. It’s all part of the natural process.

great lengths extensions

Here at Salon Deauville, we are dedicated to providing premier service to every one of our customers. We only provide the best of the best products, so if you’re looking for a superb stylist, we’re the place for you! For enviably long locks, and a perfect finish, Great Lengths is by far the best product for you. Make sure to stop on by and make an appointment with one of our amazing stylists!

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