Hair Stylist Montreal: Celebrity Inspired Bombshell Fall Colors

When it comes to fall hair colors, you like to think warm, inviting, delicious, romantic. Think hot cocoa or warm honey hues; a color that warms your body with a glance in the mirror. Well, with the crisp fall air bringing new styles, fashions, colors, and designs, it’s time to revamp and restyle your hair for those cold nights and bundled styles! Here are a few of the hottest fall colors you’ll want to rock this year!

fall hair colors 2015

Montreal Hair Salon Celebrity Inspired Colours:

When the hottest celebrities rock the colors, you automatically want to have just that color. They have the warmest, most delicious colors to style after, so let’s take a look at some of those gorgeous hair trends!

  • Jourdan Dunn: What’s great about Jourdan’s gorgeous brunette hair color is it looks great on any skin tone; from lusciously dark skin like hers, to fair and fabulous skin tones. This color is an all-around must-have. The roots are a bit darker than the tips, giving your locks an ombre-esque appeal, which adds both depth and dimension.
  • Sofia Vergara: Sofia knew what she was doing when she chose her hair color. This brunette has a kiss of blonde running through her hair strands, giving her locks a pop of pizazz. Not only that, but the warm, light brunette looks good on pretty much any skin tone, making it an easy go-to color.
  • Karlie Kloss: Her hair color is riding the fence between light brown and a dark blonde, creating a gorgeous bronde hue. The darker honey hues surround her face, giving her a warmer look, whereas further down her strands, the color lightens a tad bit, cooling off and adding interest to the color. It’s a gorgeous color that looks good on medium-light to darker skin tones.
  • Kat Graham: Her ombre is seriously the hottest color out there. Her roots to about 4 inches down are a nice dark brown, but the further down to her tips, her ombre turns into a rose Absolutely stunning and definitely eye catching. This rose gold takes bronde to whole new level.
  • Chrissy Teigen: Chrissy opts for a more natural look, really grabbing the whole fall-themed Her dark, warm honeyed hues fade into a lighter, crisp blonde that really stands out. It’s a natural procession from dark to light, enhancing her natural beauty.
  • Amber Heard: Her blonde hair color is a gorgeous gold, giving her a cool, crisp, sexy look. It’s a “cooler” color than your bronde’s and browns, but the crisp color matches gorgeously with the golden hues of the turning-fall world.
  • Ali Larter: This absolutely gorgeous auburn color is seriously the most fall-esque color out there. It screams of changing leaves and cooler weather, bundled sweaters and steaming cups of coffee. Her auburn hair makes you yearn for fall all year around! This beautiful, dark red hair color is about as natural, eye catching, and breath-taking as it gets.

best fall hairstyles 2015

Best Hair Stylist in Montreal

Here at Salon Deauville, our amazing hairstylists can easily recreate your celebrity-desired hair color. Whether you want to copy Ali Larter or Kat Graham, our salon stylists can make you look like the bombshell you are! If you are interested in going for a Fall-inspired hair color, make sure to give us a call and schedule for your next appointment!


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