Hairstyles for the Little Flower Girl

For many of us, our wedding planning days are filled with finding amazing hairstyles for ourselves and maybe even our bridesmaids.

We often forget about the little petal tossing, adorable flower girl! There are some absolutely wonderful hairstyles out there for those adorable little angels, so here are just a few of the cutest!

flower girl hairstyles

Braided Bonnie: Braids are absolutely perfect for the little flower girls because not only are they up and out of their faces, but the braids are easy, there’s a multitude of different styles, and can be dressed up or down. Here are just a few absolutely perfect ideas:
  • Frozen & Fabulous: Pretty much every little girl is madly in love with the movie, Frozen. Why not deck the little doll out with Elsa’s unique and beautiful braid? It’s new, it’s fresh, and she will absolutely love it!
  • Side & Sassy: Side braids are lovely and absolutely adorable. They’re incredibly easy to style, and to add a little sweetness to the braid, you can pin a pretty little flower behind her ear.
  • Braided Bangs: This is fantastic simply because her hair won’t be in her face, but she will still have the cascading beauty of her long mane flowing down her back. It’s a braided halo of pure, adorable cuteness!
  • Full and Loose: A full braid that’s been loosened gives her a free spirited and joyful appearance. Not to mention, this is incredibly easy to pull off.

flower girl braids

Curly Cue: Curls are one fabulous style that really makes any flower girl look fit to kill and wedding ready. Here are a few great curling ideas:
  • Curls & Headbands: This is an adorable idea, especially for little girls who have shorter hair. Curl (with a large curling iron) her hair in large curls and then place a headband on her head. Make sure a few large curls are in front of the headband to frame her face.
  • Floral Tiaras: Leave the little angel’s hair down and curled, and then top her crown with a beautiful tiara made of flowers.
  • Flowers and Curls: Curl her hair and pin back a front piece of hair with a large, gorgeous flower. This is sweet, easy, and a quick hairdo that will (hopefully) last all day!

flower girl curls

Beautiful Buns: There are many different types and styles of buns out there; from chignon to messy to braided, you have more bun styles to choose from than just about any hairstyle. Here are a few great ideas for you!
  • Chic Chignon: A smooth high chignon with a gorgeous bow makes this a fabulous hairdo for a fancier wedding. Your little flower girl will look like an absolute doll!
  • Curly Buns: Curl her hair and then pin it up in a high bun. Wrap a few flowers around the base of the bun and you have a very chic, tea-party styled bun.
  • Braided Bun: I love this one. Create a sock bun at the middle of her head, and then wrap it with her left over braided hair. This is a fantastic style that’s chic and fancy, yet relaxed. It’s not quite as exquisite as a smoothed chignon, but it’s a little fancier than your regular braids.

flower girl bun hairstyle

These are just a few of the many different hairstyles that you can do for your little flower girl. Here at Salon Deauville, our amazing stylists are here to do your flower girls hair in an absolutely gorgeous style! If you are interested in a hairstyle trial, or if you want to schedule an appointment for your wedding day, make sure to contact us and book an appointment! You’ll be so glad you hired one of our amazing stylists to perfect the little angel’s locks!

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