Hermes delivered what it called a "bohemian soul" collection Saturday, nestled among historic stone colonnades on Paris' arty Left Bank.

Never one to follow trends, menswear designer Veronique Nichanian follows her own nose and, with this, delivered yet another strong collection that was distinctly her own.

Luxurious materials, such as metis lambskin, printed silks and extra-fine cashmere, came alongside ensembles matched with a real eye for style.

A pale blue knit cardigan on bare skin would be twinned effortlessly with a silk neck scarf. Sandals, open shirts with tromp l'oeil prints, drawstring trousers, loose jackets and a one-piece gray jumpsuit all came together to give this collection a distinctly relaxed feel.

It was perhaps helped by the insouciant swagger of several models who seemed to stroll rather than strut, with a hand casually placed in their pocket.

The show proved again why Hermes has blossomed into the success story it is today.

But the real soul of Hermes menswear is the colors.

Cool pale blue and deep ocean blue, silvery steel and nickel gray - set against emeralds, whites and burnt siennas. One color the program notes call "cloud" just goes to show the mood the house is trying to evoke.

- AP