Highlights, Lowlights and Everything in Between!

Highlights and lowlights are fantastic for giving your hair that extra oomph, a boost in the beauty department, and a lot of extra depth. But there are so many different styles and types of highlights and lowlights that it can seem overwhelming, making it hard to choose what you want. Here are a few tips for you to think about if you want to get highlights and/or lowlights!

Highlights and lowlights
Types of Highlights: As previously mentioned, there are tons of different highlight types out there, giving you plenty of options to choose from! Whether you’re looking to go bold or subtle, here at Salon Deauville our talented hairstylists can give you the perfect look that you’ve always wanted!
  • Bold and Chunky: Chunky highlights are thick and stand out, especially if you have light highlights on dark hair. This bold and chunky look is great for those who really want to add a dramatic touch that’s noticeable and fun. If you want to really enhance the bold look, throw in a few funky colors (like blue, red, pink or purple!).
  • Multi-Dimensional: Multi-dimensional highlights are for those who want a more natural look. These highlights are great for the summer hairstyle because it looks like your locks have been kissed by the sun’s rays. Multi-dimensional highlights mean there is more than just one color; for example, if you have honey colored, platinum, and soft red highlights, that would mean you have multi-dimensional highlights. This adds a lot of dimension (hence the name) and natural appeal.
  • Thin Highlights: These are your enhancing highlights; they’re not bold and stately, but they’re used to enhance your natural hair color, giving you a natural appeal. Your hair will look as if it’s been dancing in the sun’s rays, lighting its strands in a soft way. It’s the best for an all-natural look.
  • Dip Dyed Highlights: This is where you’re tips only are highlighted. For an extra statement, opt for bold colors; it’s not a natural look, but a super sexy, bold, and audacious look!
  • Frosted Highlights: This looks fantastic on those with darker hair, such as brunettes or mahogany reds. Frosted highlights are when you bleach small strands for a mixed look. Adding various shades of blonde for that extra depth, dimension, and appeal is perfect for those with darker blonde or brunette hair.
  • Homemade Highlights: This is when you do it at home, using natural ingredients such as chamomile, lemon juice, and olive oil. This method isn’t nearly as effective as getting your hair highlighted by a professional at a salon, but it is an alternative to the chemicals used for regular highlighting.

blonde highlights
Now that you’ve gotten a taste for the different types of highlights out there, you can decide on which style, type, and color would look best for you!

Talk to your hairstylist here at Salon Deauville and let them help you decide on which style would look best! Depending on your facial features, hair color, and hair style and length will depend on which highlights look best! Click here to book an appointment

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