Home Delivery of Wine by the Glass Courtesy of

Home Delivery of Wine by the Glass Courtesy of

Home Delivery of Wine by the Glass Courtesy of

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Online retailer recently added a niche luxury service with the home delivery of premium wine by the glass…or glasses. The announcement of the new at-your-door deluxe service also introduced its first brand to the market: “2007 Silver Oak Cabernet by the Glass.” 

Home Delivery of Wine by the Glass Courtesy of
The company says that it is the first ever website destination to offer home delivery of wine by the glass. The procedure used in transferring wine from its original bottle to a smaller identical version of the bottle is crucial in the wine retaining its quality. has patented the technology that facilitates the process and plans to add more premium wine labels to its menu this spring. Coordinating customized in-home wine tastings is an additional service the company offers to clients. 

A single glass or four glasses is being sold for a limited time exclusively at the firm’s website at $19 per glass and $70 for four. The “glass of wine” is delivered in a 3.4-ounce bottle that is identical to the full-size bottle. The wine is transferred directly from a full-size bottle to a miniature-size bottle in a zero-oxygen environment. It is then taste-tested by the winemaker prior to arriving at a customer’s door. 

A key factor in the business decision to rollout this service stemmed from a market research study done by the Ink Foundry, an agency that specializes in food and wine. The report, which was published in April 2011, cites that wine sales by restaurants accounted for 50 percent of the total wine sales. The report also conveys that this is a significant increase over past years. will reach out to that demographic with its new luxury service. The validity of the corollary will be put to the test this year. 

Home Delivery of Wine by the Glass Courtesy of
“As Silver Oak celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2012, it remains one of America’s most requested wines at restaurants year after year,” said David Duncan, CEO of Silver Oak. “We’re excited to commemorate four decades by offering our customers a by the glass option to enjoy our anniversary wine, and we believe that a partnership with is the best, highest-quality way to deliver that to our customers.”’s CEO Tim Bucher said, “The unique format of ‘by the glass’ will create new opportunities for wine connoisseurs to enjoy high-quality wine at home. I am thrilled to launch this new offering with one of the greatest wineries in the industry, Silver Oak, and continue the program with more luxury wine labels in the coming months.”

Silver Oak is a Napa Valley winery renowned for its cabernet sauvignons. Cofounded in 1972 by Raymond Duncan and Justin Meyer, it currently produces two wines at two separate facilities located in Oakville and Geyserville. For more information about the company, visit    

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Home Delivery of Wine by the Glass Courtesy of

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