How often should you really wash your hair?

How often should you really wash your hair?It’s the age-old question: How often should you really wash your hair Back in the day, we wouldn’t dream of going a whole 24 hours without some shampoo, but then we started hearing that it is bad to wash your hair every day, and there are even people out there who can make their blow-out last a whole week. But how often should you really wash your hair, though? We’ve spoken to our panel of hair industry experts and top stylists to get an answer once and for all. So is there a magic number when it comes to hair washing? Once a week? Once a day? Never? Unfortunately not all this depends on a certain number of question such as what is my hair type, the environment my hair visits and finally the color of my hair. Based on these, we will provide you with appropriate answers on how often you should really wash your hair;
Hair type matters; We’ve always known we need to wash our hair regularly, but it’s so hard to decipher what “regularly” actually means and this is because we don’t know our hair type. Is there a good rule of thumb for the magic number of days you can go without washing your hair? Really, it depends on your hair type.If you have fine hair: fine hair doesn’t hold as much volume, it has the tendency to feel oily much faster than its thicker counterparts. Still, lathering up every day can have detrimental effects on your strands. “If over or under-shampooed, it can lose movement,” Sprinkle says. “If we’re talking normal, fine hair, shampooing 3 times a week is sufficient. Look for something that is light in conditioning, as any added weight can cause the hair to become lifeless.If you have thick, straight hair: thick hair, you can wait a few days between washes. I don’t recommend washing more than every other day. To make your strands a bit more manageable, we recommend looking for a shampoo with smoothing qualities, or one infused with keratin or argan oil. “Thick, straight hair benefits from extra shine”.

If  you have curly hair:×600.jpgWith more bodacious curves, oil from your scalp won’t travel as quickly down a curly strand as it does on a bone-straight one, so curly girls can also go a few days between lathering up. I compare thick, curly hair to denim, denim seems to feel best a couple of days after wearing, and this holds true for curly hair. I recommend twice a week with a shampoo heavy in moisturizing qualities. The priority for all curly girls is to protect the integrity of the curl by steering clear of sodium lauryl sulfate, the ingredient in traditional shampoos. Sodium lauryl sulfate, is a detergent that can actually corrode the hair follicle and cause strands to fall out, so pay close attention to the ingredient list on products already in your shower.If you have chemically-straightened or relaxed hair: or chemically-treated hair tends to be more fragile, so give it some TLC when you shampoo. You should shampoo once a week with a gentle formula.

If you have color-treated hair:

If you color your hair, you obviously want it to last as long as possible, especially if you pay to get it done at the salon. Washing your hair and watching your color slowly fade away is like watching your money go down the drain. When you wash, condition, and style color-treated hair, be careful not to strip it of anything except dirt and excess product. Because the dye compromises the health of your strands and makes them more porous, too much shampooing can cause the color molecule to slip out of the hair follicle. Sprinkle recommends washing twice a week with a color-preserving formula.

Hair type also includes hair length If you have short hair, washing every day is fine as it does not suffer the same issues with wear and tear due to styling.

Lifestyle also plays a part (environment) ? Well, it’s kind of true, however your lifestyle choice and environment has a big part to play. If you workout daily, you’re going to need to wash your hair more often to feel clean after sweating. If you have an oily scalp and thin, fine hair, your hair will start to look flat and dirty after 24 hours. If your hair is pin straight, an oily scalp will show more easily too. The flip side is with thick, curly hair, you may be able to go three days without needing a shampoo. ‘If you go to the gym a lot, swim, live in a highly polluted environment, colour your hair, use heat styling tools these things all contribute. ‘Generally my advice is not to use anything that is too overly stripping of the hairs natural oils or moisture, but removing chemical deposits such as chlorine etc. So if you avoid over-styling and limit the use of products on your hair, you should be able to reduce the amount of times you wash your hair each week. , Dry hair types may actually require more washing, but with less shampoo. ‘Dry hair should also be washed a maximum of two times a week using a shampoo with sulphate-free surfactants and high concentration of moisturisers (glycerine, sodium PCA) to help mitigate dehydration.

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