How to Get Fuller, Flawless Hair

We all want that full, flawless look when it comes to our luscious locks. With just the right tips and tricks, you can have the long lasting fullness that you’ve always sought after.

Blow Drying Techniques:

blow drying techniques

Instead of drying your hair dry upside down, or styling it dry with a blow dryer and paddle brush, try using a round brush and different blow drying angles. For example, you can blow dry your hair to the side and “rough it up” with your fingers; this technique adds volume to each strand of hair. Also, you can brush your hair to a ninety-degree angle with a round brush, and then blow it dry. This drying technique brings your hair away from your scalp, giving you long lasting volume.

Tips & Tricks:

Besides using a few blow drying tricks and techniques, you can also use high quality, name brand styling products to give your hair that luscious fullness that you need.


A volumizing mousse and dry shampoo are fantastic for giving your hair the volume you’ve always wanted. With a spritz to your roots, you can add luscious and flattering “oomph” to your style.

Styling Products To Use:

big sexy hair

A couple products that we use here at Salon Deauville include our Catwalk Volume Collection and Big Sexy Hair. The Catwalk Volume Collection hair products are excellent for giving your hair the boost it needs without the greasy after-look. Big Sexy Hair is a fantastic product that works wonders to create the look that you’ve always wanted. With a pump of the Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel or any of their other products, you’ll have the glamorous Runway hair you’ve been dreaming o!


using large curling irons

There are many different styling techniques that you can use in order to enhance the fullness of your hair. By utilizing certain items such as a large curling iron to add loose waves, old-fashioned curlers, or by using a round brush, you will notice an increase in volume to your hair and a fabulous, long lasting, luxurious style. A few other tricks include sleeping with your hair in a high ponytail and not parting your hair the same way every day.

We all want the full-bodied look that will last. Luckily, with a few fantastic products and a couple tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to create that full and lavish look all women desire! With a few blow drying tricks and fantastic products such as Catwalk and Big Sexy Hair, you’ll be able to maintain your gorgeous hairstyle all day long! Click Here to see the haircare services we offer

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