How To Look More Youthful

How To Look More YouthfulHair is one of the most natural beauty accessories that we are born with. Did you know that the wrong haircut or wrong hair color can age you? Today, we’re going to look at some of the most common hair mistakes that can make you look older:1. Do not overload of hair styling products women think that layering hair gels, volumizing mousses, holding sprays, and shine sprays, is the way to achieve that perfect bombshell, voluminous, full of shine hair. However, overloading your hair styling products can lead to a glued up mountain of hair on your head, which in turn, won’t make you look any younger! The good news is, less is ALWAYS more. Depending on your desired hairstyle, applying a lightweight mousse on your damp roots, then blow drying it, and finishing up with a touch of shine spray will avoid that “unnatural” look.2. Split, damaged and frizzy ends×350.jpgSplit, damaged, and frizzy ends can make your hair look dull and can definitely make you look older. Let’s face it, not every woman enjoys cutting their hair. Although, in order to avoid this problem, trimming your hair regularly (every two months), as well as using the right nourishing and hydrating hair treatments, will definitely keep yourself and your hair looking and feeling young; deep conditioning, and rejuvenating hair masks every so often won’t hurt either!3. Going too blonde…the wrong way!×600.jpgOver bleached broken hair can definitely make you look older. To achieve the perfect blonde, takes time. The first thing you should never do, is try doing it yourself. Visiting your hair salon and discussing your current hair situation with a professional will help educate you on the process, technique, and the appropriate products for maintenance. For example, a professional might suggest to highlight your full head rather than bleaching it all at once. Of course, products like Olaplex help any type of blonde keep their hair as healthy as possible throughout the transition. Education is key.4. Going too dark course, dark hair doesn’t suit everyone. For some women, when their hair is too dark for their features, it tends to accentuate fine lines, and dark circles. The good news is, there are alternative ways to go darker without being “too dark”. One way is to ask your colorist to add you some soft low lights; it will look more natural, add dimension to your hairstyle and visually “frame” your face.5. Cutting your hair too short or letting it grow too long of the most common hair mistakes is cutting it too much or not enough. Both too short or too long hairstyles can add age. The goal of every haircut besides keeping it healthy, should be to maintain a hairstyle that will suit your particular facial structure. Thankfully their are different techniques your hairstylist can do to slightly correct your face shape in order to make it look rounder or slimmer, depending on your preference.Make An Appointment

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