How to Rock Wild Hairstyles

We’ve seen it all when it comes to fashion these days; from rainbow colored hair to Lady Gaga wearing that oh-so-awful meat dress. And those are just two of the craziest fashion statements that have been made in the past year. Well, if you have a flair for the, shall we say, dramatics, there are ways to wear crazy hair colors in a classy, fashionable, not-so-teenybopper way. So if you’re into pink, blue, white, and green hair, here’s how you can rock those wild colors without looking like a disaster.

crazy hairstyle 2015

How to Maintain the Crazy:

Let’s just be honest, crazy hair is not an easy adventure. It takes a lot of TLC to keep it looking classy and well kept. In order to do it right, here are a few tips for you:

  • Find A Brave Stylist: Find a professional stylist, like one of our amazing artists here at Salon Deauville, who is more than capable of turning your tresses a brilliant, bold color.
  • Go Light Before Bright: If you want your hair to grab the color correctly and brilliantly, you need to lighten your tresses (if they’re dark, of course). For example, black hair won’t grab color, as the pigment is too dominant and bold.
  • Touch it Up: You’re going to need to touch up your tresses often; you can’t let it go if you want to stay classy. Make sure you book appointments at regular intervals to keep those vivacious colors vibrant.

Choosing the Right Color:

Before you dye your tresses a color you think may look good on you, make sure you know it’s the right color for your skin tone. So, shop around, ask a few friends, and really get a good idea of what color best suits your skin tone. If you’re super pale like Kirsten Dunst or Kate Bosworth, certain colors might enhance your paleness, making you look that much whiter.

tresse hairstyle

Wearing the Right Clothes:

Wearing the right color clothes can really make or break your entire ensemble. For example, if you have:

  • Bright red hair: Steer clear of bright oranges, yellows, and clashing reds. Instead, choose flattering colors like emeralds, blues (dark or light), matching reds, whites, and crèmes, just to name a few.
  • Bright green hair: Avoid colors such as red (you’re not a Christmas decoration) or too much purple. Instead, opt for neutral colors or soft, natural hued pastels.


Experiment First:

Before going all the way bold, especially if you’re new at this, try experimenting with your choice of color. For example, you can experiment by:

  • One Strip at A Time: Opt for one strip of hair underneath your mane before going all out. That way you can see if you like the color, and if not, the mistake is easily hidden.
  • Start Slow: It’s easy to get impatient and want to go from black to bright pink, but it takes time. Sometimes it’ll take more than 2 sessions to get the color you want. Take Katy Perry for example. It took about 3 coloring sessions to go from dark to her lavender hair color. It’s not easy to be patient, but in the end, you’ll be glad you were.

katy perry lavendar
With crazy hair color comes some serious hair care responsibility. Make sure you have a trusty professional helping you, and make sure you’re ready for that shock of vibrancy and upkeep! If you’re ready to start the process of classy crazy, make sure to contact our salon and book an appointment with one of our fantastic stylists here at Salon Deauville!
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