How to Tip Home Employees for the Holidays

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Dog Walker: According to CNBC, tipping your dog walker one week's pay (or a basic gift) is pretty good. If the person walks your pooch irregularly, tip the usual dollar amount of one visit.

Personal Trainer: CNBC suggests to give a holiday tip amounting to the cost of one session. If the trainer has been working with you for a while, you can bump the amount up to a full week of service.

Personal Driver: If you have a full home staff, a personal driver may be living in your home, ready to take you wherever you need to go. Not many sources mention the driver but he/she is a pretty big part of your day-to-day life so I'd suggest tipping one week to one month's pay, and maybe an additional gift to show your appreciation.
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How to Tip Home Employees for the Holidays

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For those who work in the service industry, getting tips can be a pretty big deal and could make all the difference, especially during the holidays. As always, everything is really up to your discretion and personal experience, but generally, anyone working in a service-oriented field would appreciate a tip or some token of appreciation. Plus, what better way to show your gratitude than to give your full-time nanny a nice holiday bonus or a thoughtful gift? She is raising your kids, after all.

When you give holiday tips, it’s a good idea to do it in person and don’t wait until the end of December because some of the recipients may be counting on those bonuses to buy gifts with. I’d recommend getting the tips settled right after Thanksgiving. CBS News suggests that leaving a handwritten note, along with the tip, is a great way to show some love. If a note is all your giving, at least it shows the recipient that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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