Hulot Leather Goods: Functional Minimalism That You Can Wear More Than One

Hulot Leather Goods: Functional Minimalism That You Can Wear More Than One

hulot Hulot Leather Goods: Functional Minimalism That You Can Wear More Than One

Leather accessory brand M. Hulot first launched in 2011, revealing their autumn and winter collections. Keeping simplicity in mind, the bags are designed with extraordinary sensitivity and keep true to the materials used. From start to finish, products are paid close attention to, ensuring that every detail is up to standard. Collectively, Hulot believes that just because a product is small doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.

The brand was inspired by today’s wear-and-toss culture and heavily branded designer goods. It’s name came from the Frenchman Monsieur Hulot, who was challenged by the modern world’s fast moving pace. The company’s founder, Anna Kreeger works with other clients in addition to Hulot, but still hold’s the minimalism of the brand very dearly in her heart. Using traditional craftsmanship, Kreeger helps slow down the ever-changing world we live in, taking wearers of Hulot back in history to a time of a stronger focus on quality.

M. Hulot has made connections with leather factories in key locations around the world such as Northamptonshire, Manchester and Somerset, bringing a sense of authenticity to their goods that support the brand name. Products are made in England out of the finest Italian leathers. More recently, Hulot has started to expand to work with talented Turkish craftsman using Turkish skins to add a different feel to their designs.

Looking at pictures of these products makes me really want to purchase them. I for one am a big fan of the saying “less is more” and I think that if you didn’t believe that before, Hulot will change your opinion. Affordable and functional, Hulot goods will not go wasted at the back of your closet.

Hulot can be bought online and in certain retail stores like Academy, Anthropologie, YMC and Supra throughout London, Cornwall and Scotland. Visit Hulot online to browse more of their leather goods.

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