Kerastase Hair Care Products – Give Your Hair a Healthy Appearance

Are you shopping for high quality hair care products that are both affordable and effective? Here at Salon Deauville, we have exactly what you’re looking for! Kerastase hair care products are rated one of the best quality products out there, giving your hair the luscious shine and healthy appearance you’ve always wanted!

Kerastase Hair Care Products
Kerastase: There are tons of different Kerastase products to help you manage, tame, and style your hair perfectly! No matter what you need, Kerastase has it!
  • Frizzy Hair: There is nothing more frustrating than frizzy hair! Luckily though, Kerastase has the perfect products to help tame the mane!
    • Bain Fluidealiste- This product helps to manage the frizz, yet is still safe enough for those with color treated locks.
    • Maskeratine- You don’t have to worry about wild hair anymore! With Maskeratine in your hands, you’ll be able to work magic on your mane!
    • Spray Fluidissme- This is an anti-frizz, shine inducing, and hair controlling product that is perfect for everyday use! Keep that gorgeous look from morning to night!
  • Shimmery Shine: Shiny, luscious locks don’t have to be for models and magazine covers. In fact, with the right products, you can give your hair that envious shine that all ladies want!
    • Bain Cristal Thick- For those with thick, long, luscious manes, Bain Cristal Thick is perfect for penetrating each strand and giving you the gorgeous shine you’ve always wanted.
    • Fondant Chroma Captive- Get that luscious shine you’ve always wanted – without the grease and nasty residue!
    • Elixir Ultime Moringa Immortel: For a lustrous shine, add this oil to your daily styling routine.
    • Serum Oleo Relax: This fabulous oil will give you all the healthy shine you need to make your hair stand out among the rest!
    • Lumiere Liquide: For a long lasting shine, add this oil to your daily styling routines!
  • Conditioners: Getting that soft, luscious hair doesn’t have to take tons of treatments and hours of care. In fact, with Kerastase, you can have the soft locks you’ve always wanted!
    • Masque Elixir Ultime- This product is fabulous for any type of hair, whether it’s oily or dry!
    • Fondant Fluidealiste
    • Masquintense Fine
  • kerastase products
    Lustrous locks, gorgeous hair, and an envious shine are just a fingertip away! Here at Salon Deauville, we carry the best products out there to ensure that your hair is properly taken care of. With Kerastase Hair Care Products, you can have that envious style every girl is after! From conditioners to anti-frizz products, your hair can be magazine-ready in no time at all!

    Call us at (514) 735-4432 or Book an Appointment to find out more about the products we offer.

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