International musicians, including Kiwi songbird Kimbra, have taken out their artistic flair on white Converse sneakers being auctioned off to raise money for cancer.

The In Their Shoes project came about on a sunny Sydney day when Warner Music were recording a session with US indie band, Grouplove. A pair of customised Converse caught their eye on the feet of the band's manager. Turns out their unique designs were the work of singer Hannah Hooper.

Over the past 18 months, Warner have asked a bunch of local and touring acts to design their own footwear with nothing more than Converse for a canvas and a bunch of Sharpies. There are now over 70 original pairs up for auction on Ebay - including contributions from Bruno Mars, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ed Sheran.

Check out some of the designs in the gallery below:

Bids began at AU$99 on October 24th and the auctions will wrap up this evening.

Kimbra's pair are so far fetching AU$360, while Canadian indie duo Tegan and Sara are raking in the most with their Chucks up to AU$1210. Popular electronic musician, Skrillex, comes in next best with his $1125 pair.