Team New Zealand fans have bought 25,000 pairs of lucky red socks so far during this America's Cup campaign.

Over 6000 of those pairs had been sold by the Sir Peter Blake Trust at Shed 10 on Queens Wharf.

Speaking on behalf of the Trust, triathlete Hamish Carter told the crowd at Shed 10 this morning that funds raised would help the trust support the country's next generation of leaders, as well as showing support for Team New Zealand.

"We just want to see New Zealand finally nail that final point," he said.

Several hundred people are gathered at Shed 10 on Auckland's waterfront this morning waiting for racing to start in San Francisco.

Fan Peter Lilburn has been here to watch the racing every day, and was outside the doors at 6am this morning to get a prime spot in front of the big screen.

He said the atmosphere had been "electric."

"When you get here amongst it with all these people it's amazing," he said.

Tracy Scanes, wearing a New Zealand flag draped over her shoulders, said she was nervous about today's race.

But she had faith in Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker to bring home the cup.

"Dean is amazing, how he stays so calm. It's very impressive but I think that represents what New Zealand is like."