Le Fashion Truck (@LeFashionTruck) | Mobile Fashion, Cali Style

Le Fashion Truck (@LeFashionTruck) | Mobile Fashion, Cali Style

le fashion truck 785x467 Le Fashion Truck (@LeFashionTruck) | Mobile Fashion, Cali Style

After browsing the web I recently discovered, Le Fashion Truck, a mobile boutique and fashionable store on wheels. They set up shop in various locations throughout Los Angeles and it’s kind of like a Pop-Up Shop on the go. They feature clothing and accessories for the woman all around LA and their assortment includes local designers, handmade jewelry and handbags. It even has a dressing room, how innovative, right!

Le Fashion Truck Picture 785x523 Le Fashion Truck (@LeFashionTruck) | Mobile Fashion, Cali Style

We’ve all thought of doing something cool, like bringing the closet to our doorstep, but these ladies have mastered the art of it. This uber fun pink mobile store was created by Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo. They met at a Los Angeles arts and crafts market and collaborated their personal businesses which grew into this fun merchandise paradise. We are super excited to hear about these fashionable entrepreneurs, and hope all of the Cali Girls catch them on the fly. For more information visit: Le Fashion Truck

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