Look of stars now only a click away

Look of stars now only a click away

Looking like The Almighty Johnsons star Michelle Langstone just got easier.

Stealing her style is a click away on a website with information from the country’s biggest television shows.

Former TVNZ staffer Steph Zajkowski dreamed up the idea after working on a Shortland Street website, where she fielded inquiries from fans wanting to buy clothes they had seen on the show.

The new website,, directs fans to where each outfit can be bought.

It focuses on South Pacific Pictures productions but would include the clothes and accessories of news presenters and local film stars, as well as furniture and homeware.

The site had more than 5000 visitors in its first week and one Shortland Street outfit received more than 350 clicks.

Zajkowski said her days were spent watching advance episodes of shows, logging outfits and liaising with the wardrobe departments.

One challenge was keeping up with shows filmed months before, meaning the exact items were no longer available.

“When something’s not available any more, I track down a similar item that reflects the style,” she said.

“That’s why it’s called Buy the Look, not Buy the Exact Outfit.”

By Celeste Gorrell Anstiss
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