Looking for that killer new way of completing your look?  Want to add a dramatic touch of feminine beauty to your already well-groomed appearance?  Want to remind people of those Hollywood starlets of the Golden Age?  It’s a look that never goes out of style, and is quickly becoming a MUST among today’s striking sophisticated lady: Eyelash extensions!


Most Cosmeticians will tell you it’s crucial to choose one facial feature to focus on more than the others.  It’s what gets the spotlight and attracts attention first. Over the past year, that highlight was definitely the eyes.  Thick curly lashes and stunning brows have become all the rage.  From beauty salon treatments to department store promotions and do-it-yourself, there now exist a wide variety of solutions that offer this hot trend to the women of 2016.
For the best eyelash extensions in Montreal, there is only Salon Deauville.  Whether it those who are battling thin or pale lashes, or those looking to stop with the usual ineffective mascara ritual, lash extensions are a godsend.  If you haven’t discovered them yet, you really should!  With treatments, styles, and application options to suit every need, Deauville’s lash extensions can be made to blend into your own with dramatic e­ffects.  They offer a Complete Package Eyelash Extension service (2 hours) with options for filling either every 2-3 weeks or every 3-4 weeks.


Permanent and semi-permanent eyelash extensions truly have become one of the hottest beauty enhancements available today.  Long, lush lash extensions are poised to become the new mani/pedi as a salon visit must.  They are proudly worn and openly praised by many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Katy Perry.  But while they are all gorgeous icons, you still want to keep your own sense of style.  Similar to other beauty treatments, there are a wide variety of looks and styles you can experiment with until you find just the right one for you.  Longer, shorter, wavier, straighter, and with different types of curls.
And with your busy daily routine, the best part of permanent lash extensions is that they stand up to “real life” and can endure an active lifestyle.  They make you feel pretty —even straight out of bed— and they are the perfect touch for the holidays.  Try them before a vacation too as it cuts down on the need for mascara.
Many salon clients —though previously satisfied with their naturally long (yet straight) lashes— are instantly converted once they try extensions for the first time.  One look in the mirror, and they realize how important the eyes are to looking beautiful.  Why not enhance both your lashes and another priceless beauty trait: self-confidence?


Of course, there are different types of permanent lash extensions out there. There are blends of silk and mink lash extensions which result in a light and natural feel while still offering length and volume.  And when properly applied, the beauty queen in question will forget they’re even there.  That’s one of the benefits of going to an expert salon like Deauville: no more heavy thick unnatural looking lashes or cumbersome adhesives.  Ask your Makeup Artist about options for anything from a more subdued natural look, to a more striking fuller dramatic appearance.  However you like it, it should be done right!

 Types of Curls

Eyelash extensions typically come in different curl styles, ranging from what are commonly known as “J, B, C and D”. The “J-curl” has the most modest curl of the bunch and is great for women who start off with straighter natural eyelashes. The “B” type is considered the most natural-looking, with a slightly more pronounced curl, making it the most common. The “C” and “D” curls brandish more striking looks with the most dramatic curl styles.  They are all unique and should be personalized according to your natural lash dynamic, makeup style, and occasion they’re being applied for (if any).

Choice of Lengths & Thickness

If you look long enough, you’ll find a wide range of lash lengths out there.  They can vary anywhere from 3mm to 20mm, with the most common between 8-14mm.  The safest is somewhere in between, and just slightly longer than your own for a subtle change, or much longer for a pronounced transformation.  One can also produce diverse effects by combining increasing lengths to create a flared lash look.
Thickness can be found anywhere from a 0.07mm all the way up to 0.30mm (with the average between 0.10-0.20mm).  Same principles apply, where the thicker you go, the more dramatic the effect.  Sticking closer to your natural thickness will also feel more natural after application.

 Care of your Lash Extensions

Permanent and semi-permanent lash extensions are easily applied and perfected by your Cosmetician, and are lasting beauty enhancements, but they also require proper care and maintenance. After a full initial treatment, fills should be performed no less than every 3 to 4 weeks.  This can vary, of course, depending how quickly your natural lashes grow out and fall, as well as how you treat them.  The best way to make sure your new lashes endure is to by following some basic care guidelines.

  • Daily-wear mascara
  • Brushing (gently) your lashes
  • Oil-free makeup remover 


  • Facial care products containing oils
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Waterproof mascara

Like any other new treat or improvement we invest in, take care of them and they will take care of you!  You will also love them a lot longer.


Permanent extensions cannot damage your natural eyelashes as long as synthetic lashes are applied properly by a skilled Technician.  The real ones will be just fine, since the extension will just come out as your own begin to fall, with no other ill-effects.  And for those with allergy issues, hypoallergenic glue is always an option.


Salon Deauville Coiffure Spa Montreal

While you’re in the market for hair extensions in Montreal, waxing in Montreal, or eyebrow threading in Montreal, be sure to ask your qualified Beauty Expert at Salon Deauville about the best eyelash extensions in Montreal.  It’s one of the smartest ways to create that finished and polished look.  The cherry on the sundae.  The icing on the cake.  Lash extensions in Montreal have never been so accessible and so affordable… so love your lashes again!  For expert advice and a personalized consultation, call 514-735-4432 or e-mail today, to book an appointment.

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