Makeup for the Shabby Chic Little Bride

When you think of a chic-styled wedding, you think teacups, pastries, soft pastel colors, and dainty dresses. Same goes for your makeup – you want soft colors, an au natural look, and nothing too heavy. You want to compliment your wedding theme not only with your choice of dress, but with your makeup and hair choices as well. For those of you whose wedding is a shabby chic theme, here are a few makeup tips and ideas for you to follow and consider!

shabby chic wedding bride

Face Comes First:

For you shabby chic brides, you want to apply minimal makeup; you want to enhance your natural beauty with soft lip stains and a dab of eyeliner. Here are some tips for you to consider!

  • Starting with Foundation: This is something you really want to pay attention to; you want to find the perfect color foundation that matches your skin tone flawlessly. I can’t tell you how many times a photographer has mentioned that someone in their photos is wearing orange makeup – it’s not attractive. So make sure that you find a high quality foundation that won’t make you look orange in your wedding photos. No Oompa Loompa’s, please.
  • Brow Perfection: To complement your look, you need to make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed – that means plucked, trimmed, and topped with an eyebrow liner. Filling in your eyebrows just makes them look softer, which is the look you’re going for.
  • Envious Eyes: If you really want to do a smokey eye, opt for soft neutrals, like browns, golds, or maybe a soft grey. Nothing too dramatic and bold. Otherwise, opt for eyeliner on your top lid, several applications of quality mascara, and a little gold shimmer on your eyes.
  • Luscious Lips: Remember, you’re going to be stealing lots of smooches from your new husband as you take your first kiss as husband and wife. Your guests will ring their little bells, and you’ll also be stealing kisses as you ride away to your honeymoon destination. So, opt for a great lip stain that will last. And as far as colors go, soft peaches, soft pinks, and neutral colors are all excellent selections.

chic wedding makeup

Then Comes Hair:

Now that we have makeup all covered for shabby chic brides, let’s take a look at some great tea-time worthy hairstyles!

  • Loose and Luscious: Loose hair is the newest and greatest style for 2015 brides. You can style your hair in loose curls, threading gorgeous, tiny flowers throughout your locks. You’ll look like an angel!
  • Braided Beautifully: Again, loose but styled. A loose braid gives you that whimsical, relaxed, gorgeous appeal that every bride should be donning. Like the loose curls, thread some Babies Breath through your braid to give you that garden look.
  • Chic Chignon: This is one of my favorite styles. It’s posh, elegant, and extremely classy. Throw in a gorgeous rose or your flower of choice to give it an even more feminine, garden-envy look.

chic chignon wedding hair
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