Makeup Mistakes That Makes you look Older

5 Makeup Mistakes That Makes you look Older

Applying too much Foundation may think that the older you get the more makeup you need to “youthify” your face, but the opposite is true. Pack on the makeup and you run the risk of looking older than your years. But one makeup item you should never skip in the name of lightening up your routine: foundation. The right one may be your best friend. “No foundation is better than bad foundation, but good foundation is best. Solution; Use a foundation that is heavy enough to smooth out your complexion . Drier skin is common as you age, so you may be happier with a liquid or cream foundation, or even a tinted moisturizer, instead of a powder foundation which can make your skin look flaky. Finally, even if you’ve been using the same shade of foundation since 8th grade, don’t forget to check for a better match or formulation occasionally, you may be surprised at the results.Applying Blush incorrectly×366.jpgThis is a frequent makeup mistake. Adhering too literally to that old adage about putting blush on the apples of your cheeks. The clown-like rounds of makeup that can result flatter no one. Another mistake includes brushing on blush too far below the cheekbone, which visually pulls down the face, making you look jowly. Applied correctly, blush should look like, well, a blush. Rather than concentrating it on the apple of your cheek.

Under applying Lip Color:, Lip liner is meant to define your lips and lip color, not act as your lip color. Though admittedly 20 years back this look had its moment, women have since wised up: On its own, lip liner looks way too hard. solution; Coloring Between the Line, What lip liner is really meant to do is Hold your lipstick in check, preventing it from bleeding. After lining your lips, use the pencil to fill them in, then apply lipstick on top. The lip liner will give your color something to hold on to, so it stays on longer.

Going Too Heavy on the Concealer×390.jpgMany women use concealer in an attempt to cover up fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. But Spackled-on concealer actually highlights lines and wrinkles as it dries and cracks. A better approach is to keep the delicate skin around your eyes moisturized, which will plump the skin to “fill in” the wrinkles.
Solution: Use a minimal amount of concealer on the inner corners of your eyes only, where your skin is naturally darker. Choose a product with luminosity (like that offered by…….) which has the added benefit of lighting up your face, giving it more radiance.Heavy liner on the Lower Lid×600.jpgHeavy liner on the bottom lid is aging for many reasons. It makes your eyes look smaller, it accentuates the fine lines surrounding the eyes, and it drags down your whole face. There’s something to be said for sticking with an approach that works. But sticking with a look you’ve sported since high school…not so much: Severe liner on the lower lid is a rookie mistake, and instead of opening your eyes, it makes them look small and bottom heavy, dragging down your face.
Solution: Doing Both Lids. Use a soft pencil on both the upper and lower lids, applying it close to the lash lines, then gently smudging it to lighten the look. As for shadow, “a soft gray or bronze will make any eye color sparkle,” says Silver. “Apply it lightly and blend it out with a small, firm brush for a subtly beautiful look.”Metallic eyeshadow×600.jpgYou may adore it, but metallic eye shadow can really age you if your eyelids aren’t as taut as they once were and, unfortunately, that’s just a natural part of aging. “The best bet to create a flawless look is to use either matte or satin finish shadows. But if you really do want to wear metallic eye shadow, especially around the holidays, keep it in the center of your lid. “Putting them on the corners of your eyelids brings more attention to the fine lines that tend to settle in that area.Wear bright colors know a bright pop of color in your makeup look is fun. But once you reach a certain age, it’s more likely to look out of place, and might even make you look older.Make An Appointment

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