What is Microblading? Everything You Need to Know!

Taking the land by storm, this revolutionary beauty enhancement technique will soon be the envy of women everywhere. If you’re not satisfied with your current brow situation, or want to change things up, discover the best Microblading service in Montreal.  You might just find it’s right for you! 


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup using a hand tool.  The dyes used in the process are not tattoo ink but semi-permanent dyes lasting 12 -18 months.  It allows for the client to decide on both how light or dark their results are and the actual size and shape of their brow.

Also referred to as semi-permanent makeup or dermal micropigmentation, is a process whereby completely natural inorganic pigments are implanted beneath the epidermis (top layer of skin), into the dermal layer (second layer of skin), by needle micro insertion. This technique has been medically developed and specifically designed for a safe semi-permanent application.  Permanent cosmetics are a safe and natural-looking alternative to the expense and daily routine of applying makeup upon waking in the morning, and often times throughout the day.

It is a state-of-the-art technique of applying long lasting makeup via intradermal Microblading. Properly applied by an experienced physician, nurse or technician, Microblading will be more natural and realistic in appearance as compared to conventional cosmetics. The medical grade pigments used have been specially formulated for this kind of procedure, especially with the best Microblading service in Montreal.

microblading before and after

Why Microblading is not Tattooing

Microblading most of the time requires 2 or even 3 sessions. Initially a sketch is done with regular makeup once the shape and colour are defined and the client has a good idea about the final appearance. The touch-up is done 4 to 6 weeks later to enhance the colour and give a perfect finish.  In anticipation of Microblading, a numbing anesthetic cream is generously applied 20 minutes before the procedure, and reapplied afterwards, to lessen the pain.


Microblading Procedures

Eyebrows that are too light, sparse, or non-existent can be beautifully enhanced and improved with Microblading.  Well-groomed brows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features. In fact, strong brows can make you look put-together on a makeup-free day. When the eyebrows are fuller and extended, you get a more youthful appearance. Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love this procedure. You can go swimming, play tennis or wipe your face without the embarrassment of losing your eyebrows. Also great for alopecia and cancer patients.


Does it Hurt?

Microbladed brows are achieved in two to three 90 minute sessions.  It is a hand tool method and clients are numbed with a Lidocaine cream throughout their treatment to ease discomfort.  The goal is to make the client as comfortable as possible when it comes to application.


Post-Procedure Aftercare

Proper aftercare is essential to get good results after your permanent makeup procedure. When properly healed, your need for future touch-ups or corrections is significantly decreased. When permanent makeup is not kept clean and moisturized with proper skin-care products, there is a risk of scabbing, total pigment loss or even a nasty infection. Here is a list of things you must do for long lasting and natural results of your permanent makeup.

1. Keep out of the sun: 

The skin uses sunlight to help manufacture vitamin D, which is important for normal bone formation. But sometimes its ultraviolet light can be very detrimental.  UV Rays fade pigments over time and pose a particular threat to fresh pigments. New permanent makeup should not be exposed to the sun. Wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses that will cover your healing permanent makeup. Once the makeup is healed, always wear a UV Protectant on your skin. When tanning, wear goggles over your eyes and eyebrows. This will keep your colour looking its best and reduce fading over time. You will also need to stay out of the pool while healing. Chlorine will not only burn a fresh wound, but chemicals should never be introduced to fresh pigment. Salt water also makes the pigments fade.

2. New makeup and new facials:

Makeup should be avoided for 10 days on the treated area.  You can get facials 2 weeks after your initial procedure. Your facial routine may change though; you cannot get facial peels or waxed over your new permanent makeup. Retin-A will peel layers of skin and can fade your pigment significantly. Waxing can fade the pigment in your skin as well. Your technician or esthetician will have to take special care in applying a facial or wax around your brows.

Eyebrows will be healed within 7 to 10 days. The final result will be visible in 14 days. Pigment goes in the skin as a liquid and dries as a powder. It will lighten about 45-55%, having a “lived in” more natural look. 30 days after your first appointment we schedule a refresher appointment. Two new layers of skin will heal over your new makeup and may cause the pigment to look a little spotty. We refresh the colour to make sure it looks its best and your need for future touch-ups is kept to a minimum.

Keep your permanent makeup always protected with sunscreen and avoid anti-aging creams close to the pigmented area. Most of them have AHA acids and will make your colour go away faster.

3. Follow the specific aftercare instructions, as directed by the professional salon and beautician:

They are the experts on the precise methods and products used in their specific treatment.

microblading eyebrows aftercare

So what now?

What to retain from all this?  Like any other important decision, make sure you have all the crucial information beforehand.  Then choose a trusted, well-established salon, and have the procedure performed by a well-trained expert.  The use of the proper tools, a delicate touch, and proper care before and after the treatment will help ensure success.   If you’re not totally satisfied with your current brow situation, or simply want to change things up for a while, look into Microblading.  You might just find it’s right for you!


For expert advice on Microblading service in Montreal, and a tour of the facilities, call Salon Deauville at 514-735-4432 or e-mail to make an appointment today!

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