Miranda Kerr's model behaviour

Miranda Kerr's model behaviour

Supermodel Miranda Kerr shares how she juggles her career and family, and tells us about her bond with New Zealand.

Radiant, immaculate, successful in business and as a personal brand, married to a Hollywood heart-throb and built like, well, a supermodel. If Miranda Kerr has off days, bad hair or bad skin days, days when she’d rather stay in bed, days when she isn’t positively glowing with health, wealth and happiness, she’s certainly not letting on.

She’s speaking to me on the phone from a hotel room in Sydney, where she’s enveloped in a bathrobe and having her hair and makeup done for our afternoon shoot. She’s in town to endorse the latest product to get the MK stamp of approval – Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy.

I’m surprised to find it’s a supermarket brand that retails for under $10, as until now my vision of Kerr was all things natural and spiritual – yoga, Buddhist mantras, enriching oils, green smoothies and the like – but I’m assured that it’s actually very good. That it contains vitamins and nutrients and works from the scalp out. That she used the product for a month, noticed a difference in her hair and thought she would love to be involved.

Fair enough then. One presumes she isn’t in it for the money or the exposure, as she’s obviously not short on either, and she does have extremely lovely-looking hair …

Kerr says her day-to-day approach to haircare and beauty is pretty basic.

“For me, especially now being a mother , I have to keep it simple. I follow a three-step clean, tone and moisturise in the morning and at night. I’ll wash my hair every couple of days, and then I’ll do a treatment. Clear have a really good treatment that I’ll put in my hair once a week, like a mask, which is really nice.”

“Giving your face a massage while you’re putting on your moisturiser is a really good way to get the circulation going on the skin and it helps the moisturiser sink in better. Another good thing is body brushing. I body-brush pretty much every morning.”

With a moment’s consideration she adds, “But I really feel like a lot of what I believe is that nutrients come through what you’re eating as well, so your skin and your hair is really a great reflection of how healthy you are on the inside.”

Now that’s more like the Miranda Kerr I was expecting.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, one of her favourite products is her own – organic rosehip oil from Kora, the skincare brand she runs with her brother Matt. “I use that as an eye makeup remover but also as a treatment for my face at night. And you can also use it as a cuticle oil. It’s very anti-ageing, it contains all your omegas …”

I ask about lipstick too, as I know she’s a big fan of the bold reds. Who wouldn’t be, with lips like that?

“I do really love a red lipstick,” she admits. “The Revlon Colorstay red lipstick is really good. It stays on your lips for quite some time.”

Next, style. Enviable. Kerr describes it as “classic, comfortable”, event-dependent.

“I love a fitted dress that comes to the knee. I also love a maxi dress. I love a black blazer, a white T-shirt and denim jeans.”

Bassike do the best T-shirts, and Acne, rag & bone and Nobody the best jeans. I dig a little deeper and ask about her Nan, who she once named as her style icon.

“The thing I love about my grandma is that she can put a look together – and it’s not necessarily about buying expensive pieces, it’s about dressing for your body type and also carrying yourself with confidence … and then she’ll find a handbag, and shoes to match. She takes time to accessorise well.”

What does Kerr do in her spare time? There’s a second book in the works, yet to be named but written as “an extension of Treasure Yourself“, the self-help book she launched in 2010 to empower and inspire young women.

She’s also “kind of obsessed” with Instagram. “I have an account for myself and I have a Kora account as well. I just feel like a picture can say a thousand words. I find it a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on, and get inspired.”

And to relax? “I like to indulge in a massage. I do yoga as well, which I really love. And to take a bath with my son, that’s one of my favourite things.”

Finally, Kerr tells me about the time she spent in Wellington while her husband, actor Orlando Bloom worked there on The Hobbit.

“I really love Seatoun, which is where we were living. I have such wonderful fond memories of playing on the beach with Flynn down there and also going for long walks up around the hills, along the waterfront. I think New Zealand will definitely always have a special place in my heart, it’s a really wonderful country.”

I feel quite pleased to know that having a little piece of what makes Miranda Kerr so happy isn’t as far out of reach as I’d thought.

* Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy will be available in supermarkets from Nov 7.

By Josie Steenhart

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