Glamorous supermodel Kylie Bax is back in New Zealand and swapping silk-swathed haute couture for dresses made of toilet paper.

The world-renowned model has settled back in Cambridge with her photographer husband Spiros Poros and three young daughters Lito, Dione and Danae.

One of her first engagements is to judge and model in this year's Kleenex Cottonelle Paper Dress competition. Bax will wear the winning dress at a photo shoot in a glossy women's magazine.

She told the Herald on Sunday that wearing toilet tissue would be a new experience.

"I love a challenge myself and modelling the winning paper dress will be very different from modelling any other haute couture or pret-a-porter dress I've ever worn."

She said the paper dresses were works of art and she admired the young designers.

"I'm very impressed with how the students have manipulated the soft toilet paper. The top three dresses have been carefully crafted and it shows.

"I'm looking forward to it. It's very exciting," she said.

Three NZ Fashion Tech students from Auckland and Wellington are vying for Bax to model their work.

Auckland designer Kat McLeod has unravelled 11 toilet rolls and converted them into a floral-inspired "Camellia Dress" in her bid for the grand prize.

"It's fun and it just makes you smile when you see the dress."

She said it took two weeks to complete her dress and included making hundreds of hand-sewn flowers to create the petal effect.

"I spent the whole weekend just making the flowers," she said.

Judging takes place this week and the winner will be announced on July 15 in the August edition of Next magazine.

- Herald on Sunday

By Lynley Bilby