Montreal Beauty Salon: Fabulous Fall Faces

We’ve seen just about everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to makeup, especially this past spring and summer. We’ve seen crazy contouring, spicy red lips with exaggerated cat eyes, and perfectly painted eyebrows. Thankfully winter of 2015 is taking a chill pill, no pun intended. With makeup taking a halt and natural beauty taking a turn for center stage, we’re seeing some gorgeous new looks. Let’s take a look at what’s hot for this winter!

Salon Deauville Fall Looks

Luscious Lips:

red lipstick

Think Taylor Swift, with her gorgeous, bright red lips when you think of luscious lips. Her perfectly painted style is what this year is looking at. With bright lips taking all the attention, you want to tone down the rest of your makeup. Try au naturel for a change instead of heavy contouring. Let your lips do all the speaking!

Exquisite Eyes:

cat eyeliner for fall

If your favorite feature on your gorgeous face is your eyes, than let those be your focal point. Again, simplistic beauty is what’s popular this year for winter. Try cooler colors, like soft golds with a little shimmer, light browns, or charcoal. If you want to go for that au naturel look, than try just a swipe of eyeliner with a pencil and a dab of mascara. If you want something a little more dramatic, line both your upper and lower lids with black eyeliner and smudge it for a more dramatized appeal. Or the ever classic cat eyeliner is still a must-do for something a little more “wowing.” With a liquid eyeliner, you can recreate the popular Oscar de la Renta show look.

Blushing Beauty:

blush colors

We all know that with fall and winter comes paler skin as the sun takes a “vacation.” With paler skin comes different blush colors too. You want to find a blush that compliments your skin tone; you don’t want to look too made up or “blushy”. So here are a few must have blush colors you ought to try!
  • Bronze and Blush: You can find blushes that are “combo packs”; they have a bit of both bronzer and blush colors. This gives you a bit of contouring, a little bit of bronzing for those paler months, and also a little bit of blush to give you a hint of color.
  • Liquid Blush: Think lipstick; this liquid blush is perfect for a more natural look. Swipe it over your cheek bones and rub it in with your fingers.
  • Multiple Colors: There are some fantastic powders that have more than two shades. In fact, try one that has 4 colors in a wheel. A berry colored palette that has crèmes, apricots, rose, and a deep purple are gorgeous and go well and compliment just about any skin tone. You look rosy and ready for the winter wonderland!

Montreal Beauty Salon

fall makeup styles

When it comes to winter, you have to do a little shopping and a smidge of change to “stay with the times”. Instead of heavy makeup and exaggerated looks, try for winter wind kissed cheeks, soft and luscious lips, and shimmery eyes. Here at Salon Deauville, we have all the makeup and perfect colors you could want! Not only that, but we also offer makeup classes to show you just how to apply this makeup and with what tools. If you’re interested in the class or just taking a look at what makeup we have to offer, make sure to stop by and visit our shop here in Montreal!
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