Montreal Hair Salon Styles: From Long and Luxurious to Short and Sassy

Let’s face it, we all have those urges to do something drastic with our locks; whether it’s going from bleach blonde to raven black or a long to short mane, we all entertain ideas about how we’d look, if we’d like it, and if others would like it too.

Montreal Hair Salon Styles

As with all Montreal hair salon styles, there are pros and cons to do drastic changes to your hair, so let’s take a look at a few of those pros, cons, and a few tid bits of advice!

The Pros and Cons of Long, Luscious Locks:

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Long hair is considered an envious thing… if you don’t have long hair. Long hair is beautiful yet hot. It’s hard to maintain, yet an eye catcher all the same. Let’s take a deeper look at all the pros and cons of long hair:

  • The Pros: Long hair takes seemingly forever to get; it’s not an overnight, snap of the fingers result. It takes years. So, here are all the pros to keeping your hair long:
    • There are hundreds of styles you can try with long hair, and you can change it up easily depending on your mood. Whether you want it up and out of the way, or cascading down your back in an enviable waterfall, you can do it.
    • You don’t have to trim it near as often. With long hair, you can get away with trimming your hair every other visit, as long as you keep it healthy and prevent breakage in-between salon visits.
    • Long hair is considered a picture of pure, womanly beauty. Most women envy long locks, and most men adore long manes.
  • The Cons: With every good thing is a negative side, so let’s take a look at a few of those downers:
    • Long hair is hot, pure and simple. It’s heavy, cumbersome, and if your hair is incredibly long, can lead to headaches.
    • It takes forever to style. It takes more than a few seconds with a blow dryer and a couple swoops or twirls with your curling iron or straightener. Plan on putting aside at least an hour to properly style your tresses.
    • Long hair won’t hold curls quite as well as short hair, because of the weight. Or, if you have curly hair, it won’t stay straight quite as well, also because of the weight.

The Pros and Cons of Short and Sassy Do’s:

montreal hair salon styles

Today, short hair is the new “must-do.” And for many great reasons. But, like long hair, there are also negative aspects to chopping all of your hair off at once. Here are a few pros and cons to short hair:

  • The Pros: Short hair is sassy, sweet and easy. Here are a few great reasons to get or keep your short hair:
    • When it comes to short hair, it’s about as easy as 1-2-3 to get your mane ready for the day. You don’t have to spend hours getting your hair ready, only to have it fall heavy and limp by the end of the day. You can keep those bouncy curls for hours on end.
    • You can do a lot of the new, stylish do’s out there. With your short hair, you can pull off several of the hottest new hair trends out there, like A-symmetrical bobs, pixie cuts, coifs, or whatever suits your fancy.
    • It’s not all over the place; you don’t have to worry about your hair getting in your face, caught in everything, or just getting into Long hair is cumbersome, pure and simple.
  • The Cons: Now that we’ve taken a look at a few of the pros, let’s take a gander at a few of the cons:
    • Upkeep is essential to keeping your hair looking healthy, stylish, and clean. You can’t skip a trip to the hair salon, because if you want to keep that short and sassy hair looking sassy rather than grown out, you need to keep your hairstylist’s scissors in your back pocket.
    • Depending on how short it is, you can’t just throw it up. If your hair is just shy of long enough to put in a ponytail, you’re pretty much stuck with a down-do.
    • Like long hair, there are definitely a few styles your hair will be just too short to try. Think messy buns, gorgeous fishtail braids… Say au revoir to those styles!

Fashionable Advice from the Best Montreal Hair Salon

If you’re looking to try something drastic with your locks, start slow. If you want to color it a completely different color, work your way up the color chart instead of jumping from one extreme to the other. Same with cutting your hair. If you have incredibly long hair, opt for cutting around 3-5 inches off at a time, a little more if you’re daring and a tad impatient. Try stylish cuttings, like adding dramatic layers and bangs to get you used to the shortness. The shorter layers will help get your eyes (and heart!) adjusted to the change.

If you’re looking to try out some of the hottest, most fashionable new do’s, and you want to try something a little dramatic, definitely make sure your hair is in good hands! Here at Salon Deauville, our hair stylists will make sure that your locks (and you!) are properly taken care of! Make sure to give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our talented stylists!

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