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Salon Deauville Make-Up Course Expertise

Makeup understanding it first
You’ll discover how makeup artistry has evolved in society, from its use in ancient Egyptian times to how we use it today. Then, you’ll learn about the many ways you can make your clients more beautiful, while keeping realistic expectations in mind. Next, take a look at a makeup artist’s job profile and learn about the many different avenues in makeup artistry that you can explore. Finally, you’ll learn about the tools of your trade as a makeup artist.

Makeup Basics
As a professional makeup artist you want to be professional in everything you do. How you present yourself to your clients is of utmost importance. Find out what your client is really paying attention to during a makeup booking. Then, gain an understanding of how to use each makeup product, including numerous brush types. Now that you know what each makeup product is used for, find out how you’re supposed to store and transport it all!

Preparation for Makeup application
Before you begin to apply makeup on clients you need to assess their specific needs so that they leave feeling pleased. In this book, you’ll learn how to assess different skin types so that you’ll know exactly how and when to apply various makeup products.
Suppose that you come across a client who has a skin disorder? Should you apply makeup to the area or will makeup aggravate the condition? We’ll walk you through a range of skin disorders that you may come across as a makeup artist and provide you with application guidelines.
You’ll learn the fundamentals of color theory. What colors should you use on someone with brown eyes and very pale skin? We’ll show you which colors work best with specific skin tones and eye and lip colors.
Focus on facial corrections
As a makeup artist, you’re going to come across clients who are not happy with one or more of their facial features. A client may dislike her long nose, the dark areas under her eyes, or she may be self-conscious about her sagging jaw lines. In this section of the makeup artistry course, you’ll learn the important skills of highlighting and contouring. Use these techniques to improve the proportion, balance, and structure of your clients’ faces. You’ll learn how to work with all types of lips, eyes, noses, and skin tones.
Daytime and evening makeup
What style of makeup is appropriate for the office? How much makeup is too much?
Deauville makeup courses walk you through a number of demonstrations including: a natural daytime look, an office look, and a glamorous evening look that is transformed into a sultrier look with a daring smoky eye.

Make for season and special clients

Find out how the colors of the fashion season are chosen and funnelled down to the makeup products you see in stores. Then, learn how to apply makeup for the seasons by exploring a variety of different looks including creating a fresh spring glow or a bold winter look.
Next you’ll look at applying makeup on teenagers and on pregnant women.

Bridal makeup basics
Bridal work could very well become your favourite in makeup artistry. You’ll enjoy the excitement surrounding the bride’s special event. Learn about your very important role as the makeup artist and how you can contribute to the event and make it even more special. You’ll even learn how to calm the nerves of a very jittery bride!

catwalk and fashion photography makeup
Discover how the worlds of catwalk and fashion photography are closely linked. See how your professional skills as a makeup artist will help you manage in these sometimes high-stress fields. You’ll find out who you’ll be working with and what you should know to keep up with the faster pace of the catwalk and you’ll be ready for the critical scrutiny in makeup for fashion photography.

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