Get Summer-Ready with Montreal’s Best Waxing Hair Removal

Spring is already well upon us, and in this city, the blistering heat of summer can’t be too far behind.  Are you planning on tanning, lounging by the pool or going to the beach this year?  If so, then you want to get your body in its peak form early and keep it that way!  You want to look like a silky smooth bronzed goddess all season long.  We all do.  But we all know that’s not happening with body hair out of control, especially when fitting for that two-piece!  The best way to get summer-ready is with Montreal’s best waxing hair removal service.


Why Waxing?

  • Waxing is the longest-lasting temporary hair removal technique available.
  • The most time-tested, tried and true method which goes back thousands of years.
  • Very low instance of allergic reaction or other negative side-effects.
  • When the wax is warm enough, it penetrates your follicles, allowing hair to be extracted right from the roots.  Much more effective than shaving.
  • You’re set for a while, as most body hair typically doesn’t grow back for about 3-5 weeks.


How Does it Work?

For the best waxing hair removal, first heated wax is poured onto the skin and covered with specialized removal strips.  Once the wax hardens and grabs hold, the strip is quickly peeled off.  The skin should also be stretched out in the opposite direction that the strip will be pulled.

For those with sensitive skin, there might always be some pain.  The best prevention for that is to breathe deeply, not think about it, and relax.  When a client becomes tense, their follicles tighten up and the wax can’t reach down to the root.  Right after waxing is complete, press and hold a cool face cloth to the area.  Icing the painful spots also can help reduce any potential swelling.  The more often you get the best waxing hair removal performed, the more tolerant you –and your skin– will become to the experience.

wax bowl

How to Prepare

Follow these quick and easy steps to get yourself ready in advance, and the entire experience will prove more successful:

(A) Exfoliation

This should be a regular part of any regular health/beauty routine. Apart from banishing dry dead skin and reviving the hard unsightly areas, it will help reduce ingrown hairs as well.

Ingrown hair occurs when the hair follicle gets clogged or the pore seals up, preventing the shaft from sprouting outside the skin.  By exfoliating, we help prevent clogged pores and permit these shafts to grow more freely.  This will obviously help do away with the ugly bumps and blemishes which can also become painful or infected.  That’s the first way to prepare for the best waxing hair removal.

(B) Grow it out

As successful waxing needs the hair to be a minimum of ½ to ¾ of a centimeter in order to “grab onto” them, you need to stop shaving until this hair attains at least that length.  Why?  Though we could wax shorter hair, there’s probably some growth hiding below the surface.  Because of this, your silky soft complexion won’t last long because that stubble will soon break through and ruin the effect.

With a minimum length, the wax will take hold of all hair in that area, and nothing will be left behind to show up later.

(C) Moisturize

Moisturizing up till the day before (not the day of) your best waxing hair removal treatment will soften hair follicles and surrounding area.  This makes the extraction process easier and won’t feel so much like ripping your hair out.  The result is much more comfortable.

On top of this, moisturizers will hydrate your skin, making it look and feel more supple.  In other words, a quality moisturizing product is the best way to extend the silky smooth feeling you enjoy after the wax.Yonka moisturizers

(D) Reserve early

Popular salons always get extra busy during the warmer months, so reserve your spot way in advance to avoid an inconvenient timeslot.

The best waxing hair removal service will keep you free of any visible body hair for up to 3 weeks.  This means you can time your special event or travel plans accordingly.  It’s not necessary to have your procedure done the same day you hop on the plane or grace that reception hall in a short sexy dress.  It’s better to come in for your wax 2-3 days before you go.

At Salon Deauville, we offer convenient hours available throughout the week, making it easy for you to find a time slot that works.  Whether it be for your bikini area, legs, arms, underarms, or face …you’re in good hands.

(E) Just Relax

If you’ve never waxed before, you might start to feel nervous at the thought.  There’s no need, it’s very bearable, so just relax.  Plus, with warmer weather comes less clothing, and our physical flaws become more readily exposed.   We also feel more pressure to compete with others, with more skin showing at this time of the year and beautiful people all around.

Well… so what?!  Everyone is self-conscious, and no one is born a perfect “10”.  You don’t have to be Hollywood flawless to feel attractive.  You just have to know how to feel comfortable in your own skin.  If that takes a little pampering and enhancement once in a while, then fine.

The best waxing hair removal service can help boost your self-image (if a smooth complexion is important for you).  So toss away that razor, and say goodbye to those painful contorted shaving positions.  Come on into Salon Deauville and be treated right.

waxing strip on legConclusion

Getting the best waxing hair removal treatment makes you feel pampered and well cared for, and when you’re done, you feel cleaner and brand new.  To maintain that silky smooth feeling, prepare in advance and give the treatment its best chance to succeed –while cutting down on the discomfort– with the steps outlined above.  Consider booking regular waxes (every 3 to 5 weeks) to keep up the look and get your skin used to it.  Maybe the best part of all this: regular waxing has been shown to cut down regrowth over the long term.  Bonus!

Keep all this in mind, and choose only the most professional salon in Montreal, to ensure you remain your sexiest summer-ready self!


To take advantage of Montreal’s best waxing hair removal service, call Salon Deauville at 514-735-4432 or e-mail to make an appointment today!



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