New Year, In Style with The Best Hair Salon in Montreal

With a New Year comes a hot, new look for all those life events that are coming around the corner. Whether you’re going to a family get-together or an office party, you’ll want to don the hottest new makeup looks to be the talk of the evening! Stick out with some of the hottest makeup combos out there, giving you a boost of fabulousness into the New Year!

Best Montreal Makeup Artists

Bold, Beautiful Eyes: If your eyes are your best feature, enhance them and make them the focal point of your makeup ensemble. Enhance your eyes, but keep the rest of your face (like your lips, cheeks, and eyebrows) minimal to keep you from looking too “makeup-y”.

makeup artists in montreal
  • Eyeshadow: When it comes to your eyeshadow, pick shades that go with your dress. If you’re going for a metallic-toned dress, like Kerry Washington, then go for eyeshadows that have the same tones. Think dark golds, shimmery browns, and darker neutrals. Choose eyeshadow colors that match and/or enhance your outfit to look put together.
  • Eyelashes: One of the greatest makeup inventions since, well, ever are fake eyelashes. You don’t have to go overboard with crazy-long eyelashes, but donning beautiful, natural looking eyelashes will really make your eyes pop. Your lashes will look longer, thicker, and more “wowing.” That’s what you’re going for. If you don’t want fake eyelashes, use a high quality mascara and swipe on several layers for that dramatic look you get with fake lashes.
  • Eyebrows: This is key: make sure your eyebrows are on point! Keep them well-manicured and enhanced by penciling them and filling them in. This will really make your eyes the focal point for sure. Use an eyebrow color that matches your natural hair tone for a natural look.

Lovable Lips: People focus on your lips when you talk, so make sure your lips are just right! Paint them with the right colors, line just right, and keep your color from fading by wearing quality lip stains or lipsticks.

bold red lipstick
  • Taylor Worthy: We all know that Taylor Swift’s signature look is her bold red lipstick. To recreate that look, find a cherry red lipstick or stain. Really give your lips a pop of pizazz by using a shiny red lipstick or stain rather than a matte color; it gives you a little extra shine and pop to enhance your lips and color.
  • Change It Up: Everybody is donning red lips this year, and for obvious reasons. It’s a saucy, sassy, bold, beautiful, and fun color to paint on your lips. But if you feel like being a little different and you want to stand out from the crowd, then opt for a pretty, bright pink. Pink lips will give you a bright look, especially if you’re wearing a black dress. Pink is beautiful, bold, fresh, and exciting!

Overall Makeup: When it comes to your makeup, you want to make sure that your makeup lasts through the entire party. There’s nothing worse than your making fading halfway through a get-together. So here’s how to prevent that minor problem:

  • Wear Primer: Putting makeup primer on will help keep your makeup on for hours on end. Put it on before your foundation to help fill in pores and lines and to create a smooth surface.
  • Setting Spray: Setting spray is one of the greatest tools you can have. Once you have your primer, foundation, powder, and blush/bronzer on, spritz on some setting spray to help keep your makeup on even better.
  • Blush or Bronzer? Depending on what you’re wearing, you’ll want to choose a blush or bronzer that enhances your natural skin tone, matches the rest of your makeup, and goes well with your overall ensemble. Bronzer helps give you a tanned tone, whereas blush gives you a fresh, bright look.

Beauty Salon in Montreal For All Your Needs

You’ll want to look your absolute best in the new year, so gather your lip colors, grab your eyeshadows, and arm yourself with a quality mascara. If you’re looking for all the right makeup, or maybe you want a professional to apply your makeup just right, make sure to come to Salon Deauville! We have all the right tools, makeup, and fabulous makeup artists!

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