On Campus Sacrificial Style: Lust vs. Must | #YSL Signature Accessory VS. Tuition

On Campus Sacrificial Style: Lust vs. Must | #YSL Signature Accessory VS. Tuition

YSL Bag On Campus Sacrificial Style: Lust vs. Must | #YSL Signature Accessory VS. Tuition

We all have to make choices in life. Would you choose fashion over function or are you less willing to sacrifice other purchases in your life for luxury items. A Prada handbag, LV stilettoes, Citizens of Humanity jeans – we’ve all been in that moment where our fashion “id” takes over our thrifty “ego.”

Lately, I’ve been noticing a handbag while out and about that has been preventing my ego from staying in check. I first caught glimpse of the bag while walking through the streets of the LES. With a modern take on the brand formerly known as YSL’s signature tote, it’s blatant Y is printed in hardware against lovable plush leopard. Recognizing the buckle attached to the leather flap going over the main zipper part of the bag, there was no mystery what fashion genius was behind this design, the late great Yves Saint Laurent.

I’m sure you’re wondering what you would have to pay, or who you would have to sacrifice in order to own this timepiece and I’ll tell you right now; it’s no cheap thrill. Let’s just say this; would you be willing to give up your education in order to call it your own? That’s correct – for $3,495, around the price of one quarter of college, this bag can be yours. So the real question is, what are you willing to give up to own it?

If you’re sitting here reading this thinking that I’m crazy for even considering skipping out a quarter to get this bag, I don’t blame you. At the same time, isn’t that part of enjoyment in luxury fashion though? It must be great to be able to see a bag like this on the street and look at the price tag as if it’s just another shopping day at Forever 21. For the rest of us, we’ll use it as a goal to work toward that maybe one day we’ll reach…continue to drool…maybe that education will pay off and you will be able to own it one day even if it’s vintage. The only catch is, this may be the last of YSL…say hello to Saint Laurent Paris, if you break down and buy, we don’t blame you. Just make sure you all stocked up on Ramen and have put in an installment plan for your college tuition.

Browse Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall 2012 collection here.

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