On Campus: ‘Swag it’ Out with Sweats

On Campus: ‘Swag it’ Out with Sweats

Sweats with Swag On Campus: Swag it Out with Sweats

It’s 7:30 on a Monday morning. Awakened by your cell phone’s alarm, a sound that has conditioned you since week two of second semester, you jump out of bed crippled with anxiety. Scrambling to get all of your belongings together for class, you reach straight for the neon Victoria’s Secret sweats and throw your hair into a bun. More concerned about making it to class on time than looking fashion forward, you’re out the door and ready to go.

Does this pattern sound familiar? Of course it does. Having lived on a college campus, I’ve witnessed both myself and my peers fall victim to this vicious cycle. I mean, who’s thinking skinny jeans at the crack of dawn? Certainly not me. While your appearance may be the last thing on your mind the morning after a late night study/romp session, there are ways to seep your street style swag AND still be comfy.

While some of you may be a bit reluctant to splurge on loungewear, it’s an investment you want to look into. High-end lounge apparel brings more opportunity to the wearer to create a comfortable, high fashion outfit without looking sloppy. Sweats from stores like Victoria’s Secret are not only cliché and turn you into a walking billboard, but also limit the possibilities of the other elements in your outfit, as the sweats are just too bright and busy.

Nailing the sweat pants look is very simple if you can keep a couple of things in mind. Here’s a list of rules that will allow you to keep the swag in your sweats.

  1. Go for neutrals. Bright tones are too distracting and defeat the purpose of dressing down.
  2. Pair your sweats with cute shoes. Instead of plummeting your outfit deeper into the lazy spiral by throwing on Uggs or moccasins, try a pair of low-heel booties. They’re comfortable, but won’t make you look like you just rolled out of bed.
  3. Texture. Texture. Texture. Sweats can be found in various different kinds of fabrics. Try out a knitted pair to mix things up and make your outfit more interesting.
  4. Accessories seal the deal. We all know that accessories have the potential to transform a look. Adding a chic necklace to a simple outfit   can make you go from blasé to Bensoni in a matter of seconds.

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