Online shopping network sussing out local designers

Online shopping network sussing out local designers

A brand new online shopping network has been launched in New Zealand and the website’s buyers are scoping out local talent.

Australian-based business, BrandsExclusive, spread across the Tasman last month and already boasts 50,000 Kiwi members. The website offers up to 90 per cent off designer goods.

Garth Allan, head buyer for BrandsExclusive, recently paid a quick visit to Auckland to sus out local designers he’d like to sign up to sell on the site.

The Aussie wing of the website has a whopping 2 million members and was recently recognised for having the fastest growth of any online company in the last five years. At the moment, Allan is dealing with about 800 different labels across fashion, beauty and homewear.

He’s looking forward to sharing designers from both Australia and NZ around the trans-Tasman online shopping network. However, at this stage, he’s staying tight-lipped about any potential Kiwi designers that he’s keen to sign-up.

Somewhat surprisingly, the most common purchases on their website are women’s shoes and underwear. But Allan is adamant that the rise of internet shopping doesn’t spell the demise of the traditional retail outlet.

“We feel like we’re working within the ecosystem and we’re there to support retailers and support brands by giving them a platform to sell excess inventory and promote their brands too.”

APN News & Media – publishers of the Herald – bought an 82 per cent stake in the business this year for A$36 million. Under the deal, APN will pay a further A$30 million if brandsExclusive reaches 2013 earnings targets.


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