Pai-Shau Perfection: What It is and Why You Need it

There is nothing better for your locks than naturally infused, hydrating and rejuvenating haircare products. No matter what your hair type may be, natural products are the way to go. Here at Salon Deauville, we are huge believers in supplying and selling the best of the best; there are no mediocre products in our salon! In fact, we prove our statement by supplying products such as Moroccan Oil, American Crew, Aveda, and Pai-Shau.

Paishau products

The Start of Pai-Shau:

Pai-Shau haircare products are one of our newer haircare lines that we carry here in our salon. Infused with steeped, natural tea leaves, Pai-Shau produces one of the most luxurious, defining, hydrating, and healthy haircare products out there. The tea leaves used to create the product are from all over the globe, providing you with top-of-the-line products that are guaranteed to revitalize your locks. A timeless Vietnamese bathing tradition is infused in every bottle of Pai-Shau products, bringing you not only historic rituals, but natural health and beauty for your hair as well.

Why You Need Pai-Shau: There is, simply put, nothing worse for your hair than cheap, inexpensive products and heat damage. Combine the two together and you have a perfect recipe for dry and damaged hair, brittle strands, and dead ends. We know that for most of you, it’s almost impossible to relinquish the use of heated hair tools, such as straighteners, curlers, or hair dryers, so we suggest protecting your hair at all times! Pai-Shau is the perfect product to do so. Not only do they have products to protect your hair from heat damage, such as Biphasic Infusion, but they also have products to help those with an already damaged mane, such as their supreme revitalizing mask. Pai-Shau is all the protection you need and the best product for your hair. Not only is it great for its protecting and revitalizing compounds, but because they’re made from natural ingredients, your locks are not bombarded with harmful chemicals.

Pai-Shau Products:

Pai-Shau carries a fantastic line that covers everything you need, from washing and moisturizing, to protecting and styling. Here at Salon Deauville, we carry the entire line of Pai-Shau products, ensuring that your haircare needs are fully met. The Pai-Shau products that we carry here are:

  • Biphasic Infusion: Used to protect your hair and add instant and noticeable shine to your mane.
  • Style Soufflé: This product is used to style your hair without making your hair stiff and unnatural. It not only nourishes your hair, but it makes your hair more manageable and easier to style.
  • Supreme Revitalizing Mask: This mask does more than cover the top layer of your hair; it penetrates to the cuticle, correcting, hydrating, and fixing damage that’s from within. Unlike most masks, it doesn’t make your hair feel heavy and oily, but instead adds volume and shine.
  • Replenishing Hair Cleanser: The hair cleanser, or shampoo, really does a deep clean on your locks, giving you a gorgeous, healthy, hydrated, clean feel.
  • Replenishing Cream Conditioner: Especially in the winter months, we all know what it’s like to have dry hair that’s not easy to manage or style. With this conditioner, it adds life back to your hair, giving you a hydrated, healthy look.

paishau hair products
Here at Salon Deauville, we are dedicated to providing only the best of the best haircare products, and Pai-Shau is definitely top-of-the-line. If you are interested in purchasing Pai-Shau products, make sure to visit our salon in Montreal!
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