Parsons Grad Launches Accessory Line, Madame Mathilde

Parsons Grad Launches Accessory Line, Madame Mathilde

Madame Mathilde Accessories Parsons Grad Launches Accessory Line, Madame Mathilde

Happy to intro Jennifer Niles, a Parsons graduate who recently launched her jewelry and handbag line, “Madame Mathilde.” The swank company gets its name from Madame Mathilde, a character in the 1890’s short story, The Necklace. If you’re not familiar with the tale, it goes a little something like this: a lowbrow girl –Madame Mathilde, borrows a necklace from a wealthy friend to wear to a ball. Much like the Disney classic Cinderella, Madame Mathilde looses an accessory while at the ball. Instead of a shoe she looses the necklace – something she thinks is an expensive piece of jewelry. After frantically searching all night without any luck, Mathilde uses her life savings to replace the necklace only to find out that it was costume jewelry all along.

Taking inspiration from the story, Jennifer creates fabulous vintage costume jewelry. Unlike the diamond entranced Mathilde, Jennifer’s customers treasure the costume aspect of the jewelry and see the true value and uniqueness of each piece.

Vintage rhinestone brooches, antique chandelier crystals, mixed chains, vintage scarves and snakeskin-beaded jewelry can all be found in Jennifer’s recipe for success. Hand-made in New York, the pieces are created with the intention to provide modern day women with beautiful and inexpensive jewelry, redefining glamorous jewelry.

Just because you want stunning accessories, doesn’t mean you always have to spend top dollar on luxury jewelry. Costume is both a great alternative and highly versatile. Plus, your mind will be at ease when you don’t have to worry about losing a 24K necklace next time you go to a ball…or maybe just out on the town.

Madame Mathilde is available in Palm Beach, Westhampton and online.

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