Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Perfect Your Look with a Private Make-up Class (Limited Time Promo Offer)

Are you stuck in a make-up rut?


Most of us think we apply our make-up correctly. I suffered from the same illusion. For years, I applied heaps of dark eye shadow and red lipstick. I thought my tried-and-true look really accentuated my features.

But truth be told, the darkness of the shadow made my small eyes appear even smaller. And the red lipstick enhanced the yellow in my teeth (thanks coffee).

Then I became good friends with a make-up artist. She insisted on doing my make-up one evening and wow…what a completely different look!

Instead of dark colors, she chose light, shimmery shades. My classic red lipstick was replaced with a lip-staining balm that added just a hint of color. Lastly, she added a few layers of brown mascara (not black as I had always chosen).

The result: a much more natural and complimentary look. And my eyes looked so much bigger!

The takeaway? Learning to apply your make-up by a professional artist is a game-changer.

Even if you think you’re doing your make-up correctly, training by a make-up artist ups your game and improves your methods.

Promotion for a Private Make-up Master Class – Early Sign-up Discount!


Right now, if you sign up for our 90-minute make-up course with our master make-up artist, you’ll pay $100 + tax (non-promo cost: $160 + tax).

Talk about a great gift to self! This class is for you and you only. Our in-house make-up artist will work with you to uncover the best colors and cosmetic choices and apply it easily and quickly.

Think about the pay-off! A new look for you based on a professional third party so you can look your best from that day forward.

Contact us to set up your personal make-up master class held in our Montreal salon. Schedule a dedicated session where enhancing your beauty is our primary goal.

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