Perms and Relaxers: The Truth, Beauty, and the Ugly!

We all want what we don’t have naturally – if we have straight hair, we want those curly locks. If we have curly tresses, we want that sleek, straight mane. It’s to be expected! Luckily though, throughout the years hairstylists have designed techniques to chemically straighten, wave, or curl your hair for a lasting look. But with everything there are pros and cons! So, let’s take a look at what the pros and cons are of straightening, perming, and waving your hair chemically.


The Pros and Cons of Perms:

First, let’s take a look at perms and see what the professionals have to say!

  • The Pros: The most obvious pro is you will get the curls that you’ve always dreamed of, and you won’t have to spend hours each and every day curling your hair with a curling iron. This means less time styling, less money on products, and not subjecting your hair to damaging heat from a curling iron. Also, a perm will help your hair to look fuller and more luscious. Added “boost” is always a pro!
  • The Cons: The first, and most obvious, con of a perm is the damage it can do to your hair. Because of the impending and unavoidable damage, many salons won’t perform perms anymore. Another con is you can’t get it wet within 24-48 hours after the perm is applied, or else you risk weakening the curl. Nowadays, a perm isn’t quite as popular as they used to be – it’s just not as natural looking as, well, a natural curl. Lastly, you can’t decide within a week that you don’t want a perm anymore – you’re stuck with it for a while. Once your perm starts to grow out, your roots will still be straight, where the rest of your hair is curly, so you will have to make regular appointments to keep it as natural looking as possible.

The Pros and Cons of a Wave:

Waves are kind of like perms, just less extreme. Let’s take a quick peek at the pros and cons:
  • The Pros: Ever wanted that perfect beach wave? Well, a permanent wave will give you just that! It’s not as extreme as the perm itself is, so you will have a more relaxed appeal. Also, with a permanent wave, you will add natural body to your hair, making it look fuller, thicker, and more luscious.
  • The Cons: Again, like permanent curls, getting a permanent wave is both damaging and permanent. Although waves aren’t as dramatic as curls, once your hair grows out, it won’t look right. You’ll be spending plenty of time in the stylists chair, so be prepared for consistent appointments!

The Pros and Cons of a Relaxer:

On the complete other hand of a permanent curl and wave is a relaxer – a relaxer is for those of you with naturally curly hair who want their tresses to be straight. Here are the pros and cons:
  • The Pros: Of course, the biggest pro is having your hair straight and soft – no more wild and unruly curls! Plus, without all of those tight curls, your hair will be easier to maintain and manage. Also, depending on the type of relaxer, it can also help to moisturize both your hair and scalp, giving you a gorgeous sheen afterwards. For dazzling, sleek, shiny, and sexy hair, a relaxer is a fantastic option.
  • The Cons: Again, with every pro is a con. With relaxers, it’s not a perfect straightener – you will still have to spend time with your straightening iron, just not nearly as much time. Also, like perms and waves, you have to maintain them and go for consistent treatments. Once your hair starts to grow out, your roots will be curly and the rest will be straight, resulting in a relatively funky hair-do. Also, like anything that’s unnatural, it can damage your hair and scalp.


Now that we’ve taken a look at all the pros and cons of straighteners, waves, and curls, you can decide for yourself if it’s something you’re interested in doing! If you want any of these treatments, make sure to book your appointment with one of our fantastic hair stylists here at Salon Deauville! Click here to schedule your appointment!

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