Plucking VS Threading: Which One is Best For You

Tweezing – let’s be honest, it’s a must do that we all hate. It hurts, it’s tedious, and one wrong plucked hair can really mess up your brows. Unfortunately it’s something that we all have to do. Thankfully, there’s another alternative to plucking – threading! It’s becoming a super popular technique, and many salons, including Salon Deauville, offer eyebrow threading services.

If you’ve never tried it (or heard of it) than you’ll want to know all the ins and outs, pros and cons, and everything in between concerning threading. So, here’s a little information on threading, just for you!

eyebrow threading
Where it Started: Threading is ancient history, practiced centuries ago by those in India and the Middle East. Because of its effectiveness, the practice of threading eyebrows spread all over and has become a popular practice in Canada and the United States.

What Exactly is Threading? Threading is when the beautician takes a double strand of thread and plucks your eyebrows. It removes a single line of hair at once, creating a clean, sharp line. This method of eyebrow hair removal is very effective and produces perfect eyebrows. If you want that Hollywood eyebrow, than threading is probably the best method for you!

The Pros of Threading: This method is best for those who have sensitive skin – you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, and you don’t have to worry about constantly plucking single hairs and irritating your skin. Also, it’s incredibly precise, so you don’t have to worry about awry eyebrows! The best part about threading your eyebrows? If you do it on a regular basis, than your hair follicles may stop producing hairs, resulting in the naturally perfect eyebrow.

The Cons of Threading: Threading takes longer than waxing does, simply because not as many hairs are being plucked at the same time. Also, threading (to some) hurts more than waxing does (but remember, it’s less painful than plucking!). Because threading takes certain skills, finding a beautician that’s skilled in threading can be hard. Luckily, here at Salon Deauville, we offer threading services by the best beauticians!

Plucking Verses Threading: Which One’s Best for You? As we’ve seen, threading has been a popular beautifying practice for decades, making it an ancient ordeal. Threading is also more concise, accurate, and produces more appealing results. If you want perfect eyebrows, than threading is probably the best option for you! Another thing to consider and remember is that if you have your eyebrows threaded on a regular basis, than you won’t have to pluck and your hair won’t grow back as thick –and it might even stop coming back! All around, threading is definitely the best eyebrow hair removing option out there!

eyebrow plucking
Here at Salon Deauville, our talented and fantastic beauticians can help you get the eyebrows you’ve always wanted! They can help shape your eyebrows to the perfect look with ease! Click here to book an appointment

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