Q&A with Natalie Portman

Q&A with Natalie Portman

“I like to wear as little makeup as possible,” says Dior’s ambassador, Natalie Portman. The screen star needs – and likes – little adornment which may seem an odd thing for a beauty brand spokeswoman to declare, but it makes her a perfect choice to front for Diorskin Nude.

Dior championed the nude look that swept fashion from 2005 when it sent a flesh-tone palette of dusty transparent shades and sandy chiffon down the runway. It followed this with Nude foundation in 2009, beginning a category of cosmetics that mimicked but enhanced the look of skin. Its New Nude collection takes this further with delicate luminous colour.

Portman answers a few questions about her own approach to appearance.

Why don’t you like to wear a lot of makeup?
I like natural. It takes a lot of time to put makeup on. I do it for special occasions. It is something more glamorous and sophisticated, but on a day-to-day basis, I just want to feel like myself.

What is your top product in the Diorskin Nude range?
With Diorskin Nude foundation, my skin looks great without feeling that I have makeup on. You look like a better version of yourself. So it feels that it corresponds exactly to me and to what I would wear.

What’s in your makeup bag that you can’t live without?
I like pawpaw lip balm. My best friend lives in Australia and she sent it to me from there. I also like to keep a Diorskin Nude Compact with me.

What kind of makeup and fragrances do you prefer during important events?
Miss Dior, obviously. I don’t wear it everyday, but for special occasions, it’s so chic. I like the Diorshow Newlook black mascara a lot.

Are you more a lipstick or a shade girl?
I do more my eyes than my lips.

What is your favourite beauty treatment and where do you get it done?
I like acupuncture a lot. I don’t know about beauty treatment, but I use it as a method of relaxation, and I guess if you’re relaxed, you look better. And a manicure always makes me feel good as well. I like massages, too. I definitely like pampering. In Paris, I like the Dior Institute.

Was it easy for you to find your own style?
It’s a process that never stops. It continues, and you’re continuing within. Obviously, there’s some sort of core, an understanding of yourself that you always have, but all the details change all the time. It’s a work in progress.

You selected a shade in the Diorskin Nude lipstick range and gave it a special number, 169. Why?
The shade really felt like the lipstick I would choose, it’s the colour I would want to wear on a day-to-day basis. 169 is a symbolic and emblematic number that holds a magical quality for me, evoking the birthdates of my family.

How do you choose the right colour?
Lipstick can really transform you. If you wear a red lipstick you just feel like a different person. I always like shades close to my regular lip colour. I do red for very special occasions.

What is your favourite night perfume?
Right now there’s all the oranges blossoming in my garden, and it’s an amazing night fragrance.

Do you believe in beauty from the inside?
Absolutely. I can totally tell the difference with my skin depending on what I eat. Obviously, the more water you have, the more hydrated your skin looks. And sometimes I cut out dairy and when I do, my skin looks much better.


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