Queen's style secrets: Don't sweat, get your shoes worn in

Queen's style secrets: Don't sweat, get your shoes worn in

The Queen doesn’t sweat and has someone wear in all of her shoes, according to Her Majesty’s designer for over a decade, Stewart Parvin.

Royal dress designer Parvin said the Queen is generally a “cold person,” when it comes to her body temperature. The coolness of her skin keeps clothes perfectly pressed – ensuring she is impeccable at all times.

“We always choose fabrics that don’t crease – we go to extra lengths to line them so they don’t,” the 45-year-old designer said.

“I am somebody who creases all their clothes. I’m always hot. The Queen is very lucky – she doesn’t crease her clothes.

“The clothes are always impeccable. But it is also that she doesn’t glow. If you are a cold person your clothes don’t crease.”

Parvin, who has been working with the Queen since 2000, described the techniques his team use to keep her looking perfect. One of Her Majesty’s shoulders is higher than the other, she wears an extra shoulder-pad. And a person with the same sized feet usually wears royal shoes in to save the Queen’s toes from blistering.

” have to be immediately comfortable… she does get someone to wear them,” Parvin told the Sunday Times.

“The Queen can never say, ‘I’m uncomfortable, I can’t walk any more’.”

To ensure no outfit appears in public too many times, or in the same company, each dress is recorded on a spread sheet with the time and date it was worn. The Queen is apparently keen to adopt “outrageous designs and bright colours” like pink and yellow, Parvin said. Block colours “elongate her; she’s only very tiny,” he said.

For Her Majesty, practicality always comes first – which is why she favours dresses rather than skirts and blouses which can become untucked.

“There is always someone there photographing her. So when she gets out of a car, she can’t pull her skirt up, tuck her shirt in, tighten her things.

“She gets out and she’s ready.”



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