Real estate agents for makeover

Real estate agents for makeover

Corporates help their staff look good.

New Zealand companies are paying up to $2000 to spruce up their staff and give them a look suitable for their brand.

It’s an international trend as businesses realise the value of attractive hair and makeup on staff.

At the London Olympics, even volunteers were given free makeup with a tutorial card. Makeup artist Caroline Barnes developed an opening ceremony look known as “sports chic” and dressed volunteers.

Hair and makeup style educators Simmy and Ness recently opened in Auckland and have already worked with the sales team at beauty products company QVS. Ray White real estate agents are next.

“We didn’t do it because we had an issue with the way they looked, but because the way people look is such an important part of how they feel,” Tim Cunningham, managing director of QVS, said. “Staff feedback has been great.”

Fiona Fenwick, a coach of executives and communication strategist, said the strongest thing a company could do was to use staff as ambassadors.

She said at Air New Zealand, the uniform, including hair and makeup, was a huge part in showing the brand’s values.

The value of looking great is well researched. Each year the Look Good Feel Better charity provides makeover workshops for up to 3000 New Zealand women with cancer.

Simone “Simmy”‘ Lawry said a business could not tell staff how to look. “But a session with us offers a fun way, often over a glass of bubbles, to boost a team’s morale while offering industry secrets about how people can look their best.”

Partner Ness Warne said personal grooming standards had slipped in the past 10 years.

“You wouldn’t go to a job interview with undone hair and just a bit of lip gloss, so why turn up for work like that?” Warne said makeovers boosted confidence, increased productivity and improved corporate brand image.

By Danielle Wright

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