Red Hair, Red Hot

Red hair is vibrant, vivacious, daring, audacious, carefree, fun, and exquisite. It takes a brave spirit, the right skin tone, and just the right amount of “attitude” to pull off a vibrant red color. Well, with the holidays coming in full swing at the end of this year, let’s take a look at some of the hottest ways to wear your red hair! If you’re going to stand out with your fiery red locks, you should rock it like it’s hot!

What to Wear with Red Hair:

When it comes to red hair, not all colors vibe. In fact, there are some colors that just plain clash. To avoid the catastrophe of becoming a walking clash, take a look at some of the hottest colors you can wear:

Red hair,  navy blue dress
  • Green and Gorgeous: This is an obvious must-wear color. Think emerald or bright green; any green, really will look fabulous with your red hair. Emerald green looks absolutely fantastic for you deeper, mahogany reds, and teals look great on ginger. Since green looks great with red, this would be a perfect combo for all those holiday parties coming up on your calendar!
  • Blue: Navy, baby blue, and any and everything in between looks fantastic. Blue is refreshing, colorful, and bright. It really “pops” with your vivacious locks! Wear a gorgeous navy dress for one of your holiday parties, and really grab the attention of everyone there!
  • Red: Yes, red tops and dresses do look good with red hair, you just need to find the proper Each color of red looks different with different shades of red, so be sure to pair it well, or else you definitely run the risk of becoming a walking clash.

Redheaded Celebrities:

If you’re looking for a little guidance, a little inspiration, then here are some gorgeous celebrities that have or had red locks!

nicole kidman
  • Rita Hayworth: This gorgeous back-in-the-day actress could woo the hardest of hearts with her gorgeous, natural red hair. A gorgeous ginger color, her red locks became her signature look.
  • Lucille Ball: This beautiful woman sure knew how to rock the bright red hair (and paired it well with red lipstick to boot!) and still look flawless. Her signature apricot red hair captured the hearts of fans all around.
  • Sophia Loren: If you have an olive skin tone, don’t shy away from red. Take Sophia Loren for example; she sported gorgeous garnet locks and looked like a pure picture of perfection.
  • Nicole Kidman: For those of you who want to ride the fence between colors, choose a strawberry blonde. With blonde hues and strawberry colors intermixing and creating one of the most gorgeous red hair colors, you’ll be one gorgeous lady!

Here at Salon Deauville, our amazing hair stylists can easily recreate your redhead dreams with perfection. You will be ready to rock the red carpet with your gorgeous red mane. We use only the best of the best products to ensure that your red locks will look as gorgeous as ever. If you would like to transform your looks, make sure to schedule an appointment with us!

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