Redheads and Red Lips

Think red romance, chic sophistication, daring attitudes, and bright personalities; redheads rule the roost when it comes to fabulous hair and gorgeous appeal! If you love everything bright, beautiful, and bold, than red hair and red lips is the way to go! But, as you know, finding reds that match (as far as not clashing goes) can be tricky and at times disastrous – when you go to Salon Deauville for your hair styling and makeup tips, than you’ll want to make sure that the reds you pick out go together like biscuits and cheese. For fabulous lips and gorgeous locks, here are a few color tips for you to follow when “shopping” for your next look!

Red Hair, Red Lips
Red Hair, Red Lips

Tips for the Fair-Skinned Redheads:

Like we’ve determined, you have to make sure that the reds you pick out match and don’t catastrophically clash. If you have naturally red hair and you want to try a daring look, red lipstick is definitely the way to go. Here are a few tips for you to consider:

  • Auburn and Wine: For those with gorgeous auburn locks, a deep red wine lipstick will really make you look your best. A wine lipstick is profound and striking, perfect for the fair skinned maiden.
  • Coral and Red: Done properly, coral lips and a deliciously auburn hair color pair quite nicely; with just the right makeup and clothes, you can really set off the look. Here at Salon Deauville, our hair stylists and makeup artists know just how to get that Red Carpet look!
  • Audaciously Red: Fair skin and bold, coppery red hair is absolutely stunning in and of itself; when you pair red hair with true red lipstick, one or two things could happen – a makeup catastrophe or an unforgettably fantastic look. Done just right with accentuating makeup and the right red lipstick, this look could be absolutely stunning.
  • Barely There: Not all redheads are bold and audacious, rocking the copper tones and auburn hues. Some prefer to glamorize the softer hues of the red tones, opting for a golden-red hair color instead. This red hair color looks beautiful paired with a softer purple -pink lipstick. Done just right with the correct outfit, you could really turn heads and capture the eyes of all onlookers.

Copper Red Hair
Copper Red Hair

For those of you with gorgeous red locks, you don’t have to be stuck in a box of makeup must-do’s. You don’t have to stick with your neutrals and soft pinks; in-fact, if you really want to go all out bold and daring, than try an Emma Stone look and go doubly red!

Our hairstylists here at Salon Deauville know exactly how to get that perfect look, so if you’re looking to try something new, something extravagant and daring, than book an appointment with one of our fabulous stylists! You can give us a call, visit our webpage at to book an appointment, or you can visit our salon! Either way, once you visit our fantastic stylists, you’ll be glad you did! Go red, go bold!

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