Serpent Chic: Renee Sheppard Redefines Casual Luxe

Serpent Chic: Renee Sheppard Redefines Casual Luxe

serpent snake jewelry Serpent Chic: Renee Sheppard Redefines Casual Luxe

Renee Sheppard has released a new collection with Serpents for Summer. She’s both a visual designer and talented artist who took to design honestly. She comes from a family of well-versed artisans and has broadened her assortment with necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

The bracelets above, made of white sponge coral and three bands connected together with a jewel pave snake. The elastic band and comfortable fit help to enhance the bracelet’s wear-ability.

Renee Sheppard’s jewelry collection as a whole includes many modern pieces made out of semi-precious stones. She combines simple materials to make a final product that is meaningful. Renee, who studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, collects the semi-precious stones used in her collection on her many travels throughout the WORLD. The fact that all the stones are hand selected by Renee  creates a very special experience between the customer and herself. Renee values “timeless beauty and quality,” which is expressed through each timeless piece.

The line is composed of black spinel, wood agate, sapphire, coconut, shell, black onyx, oxidized sterling silver and pavé diamonds – materials that are pricey and lasting. Items in the collection can be owned for $300-$4000. They can be found at various luxury boutiques throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

To browse the collection visit Renee Sheppard online.

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