Shades of Blonde: Which is the Best Style for You?

What’s one of the biggest problems we all face when going to the salon for a whole new look, especially if you’re goal is blonde hair? It’s knowing what shade of blonde you really want and would look the best on you. Having an idea of what you want, as well as knowing what will look best on you will not only help your stylist here at Salon Deauville to produce the perfect color, but it will also ensure that you will walk out of the styling chair completely and totally satisfied with your finished look! So, go in prepared and know what you want! Here’s a list of blonde hair colors that you could choose from!

Cool Blonde Hair
Cool Blonde Hair

Types of Blondes:

There are two different types of blonde hair: cool and warm. The look you’re going for will depend on which tone of blonde you want. Here’s a detailed look and some color ideas for you to consider when choosing which tone of blonde you want!

  • Cool Blonde: If you want that ashy blonde, that grey-white hair color that grabs the attention of any onlooker, than you’ll want a cool blonde. Cool blonde is your super light, white blonde that’s radiant and borderline grey. Here are some ashy cool blonde colors:
    • Cool Brown/Blonde: This is more of a natural cool blonde. Mix in brown with a brilliant cool blonde, and you’ll get that natural, sun-kissed summer blonde.
    • Ash Grey Blonde: This is more of a blonde color that has hints of brown, white, and blonde. It’s more blonde than the brown/blonde shade, but it’s also a natural look.
    • Snow White Blonde: This is pure blonde, almost white. It has a tint (and by tint, I mean barely there) of warmth, but it’s a very cool blonde.
    Warm Blonde Hair
    Warm Blonde Hair
    • Warm Blonde: This is the blonde that produces that honey, warm, golden hue that’s a little more natural looking. The cool blonde is for the bombshell looking to go bold, whereas the warm blonde is more for the lass looking for a beautiful sun-kissed appeal. Here are some warm blonde shade ideas for you to consider:
      • Sunflower Blonde: This is a gorgeous color, reminiscent of summer days and buttered biscuits topped with delicious honey. It’s very warm, with hints of honey, gold, and a little bit of platinum.
      • Caramel: Very warm, rich, and a little bit darker.
      • Golden Blonde: This is a mixture of platinum and honey; it’s the perfect combination for that rich, golden hue that many women look for.
      • Honey Blonde: This is a darker shade of blonde than your golden blonde, but it has the same (to an extent) shades. It’s a deeper honey tone with a bright blonde tint.

    Now that we’ve taken a sneak peak at the different types of blonde, you’re prepared to go to your next hair appointment and walk out looking fantastically fabulous! If you want the best hairstylist in Montreal who will produce the best blonde, than come to Salon Deauville! To schedule your next appointment, visit our appointment page, Click Here !

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