Shaping the Perfect Brow: Part 1 – Shaping and Grooming Your Brows

Eyebrows are usually one of the first things we notice on our faces. They shape our whole face, giving us an either “on point” look or an “oh my” mishap appearance. Having the perfectly shaped and penciled brow is important to giving you a finished and completed look. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you need and how to draw the perfect brow!

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Eyebrow Waxing Montreal: Your Brow Shape

First things first: your brow shape. Everybody’s eyebrows are a little bit different, and your eyebrows are unique to your face shape. So, make sure that when you pluck and groom your eyebrows you do so to best enhance and compliment your features. Here are some tips for you: (**grab an eyebrow pencil of some sort to use as a guide/line. This will help give you a visual of where everything should start or end.**)

  • Starting Point: Your eyebrows should start where the top of your brow begins to the bottom side of your nose. If your brow is a little too short, let the hair grow in. If too long, pluck, wax, or thread it to the right point. If your eyebrows are too close together, you run the risk of looking like you have a uni-brow.
  • Arch Point: Your arch needs to start where your pupil ends. If your arch is too close to the front or back of your brow, you’ll look a little off and unnatural. The key is natural and enhanced!
  • The End: Where your brow ends is important too. No long tails allowed here! Your brow should end from the bottom of your nose to the edge of your eye.

Grooming Your Brows:

Grooming your brows is probably one of the most important parts to keeping your brows looking good and trim. At Salon Deauville, we will trim your eyebrows to your desired shape and length, so make sure to come by every 2-4 weeks. In between appointments at the salon, pluck your eyebrows to keep your eyebrows trimmed and clean looking.

The different Types of Eyebrow Grooming:

You may have noticed the mentioning of 3 different types of eyebrow trimming; waxing, threading, and plucking. Let’s take a look at what each type of grooming these are and you can decide which one best suits your fancy!

  • Waxing: Heated wax is used to remove all the hair around your eyebrows to create that perfect shape. It’s best for removing all the light, fine hairs that are easy to miss with tweezers. It removes all the hair in one swift removal, making it a relatively quick and easy process. Although it can be a little painful and may leave your skin a little red, it’s a highly effective process.
  • Threading: Threading is a process where your beautician takes two threads and plucks your hair using an intricate technique. This is quicker and more efficient than plucking and doesn’t leave your skin as red as waxing, but it does take longer than waxing to finish.
  • Plucking: This is the best at-home grooming and doesn’t require experience. You can easily clean up your eyebrows by plucking a few wayward hairs, but it does take longer than both waxing and threading. It’s best to pluck to keep up with the eyebrow shape, but it’s best to use either waxing or threading to create your desired shape.

Waxing Hair Salon in Montreal

waxing salon montreal

Here at Salon Deauville, our beauticians can help you create the perfect brow! To find out how to draw in the perfect eyebrow, make sure to read the next article for all the tips and tricks you need to create that stunning and natural looking brow!
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