Botox is a touchy topic.Photo / Thinkstock


Botox is a touchy topic.Photo / Thinkstock

I first got Botox injected into my face four years ago. I like to blame a boozy lunch at Andiamo and the company I keep. I also blame my brother whose 30th was approaching at the time. He’s a whole 13 years younger than me and I didn’t want to look unduly decrepit amongst all the party-goers at his birthday bash.

At lunch that day two of my friends announced they’d just had Botox thanks to a two-for-the-price-of-one special offer. I was in a taxi later when I received a text from another friend who’d been at the same lunch and who was also a Botox virgin. She wrote: “I’ve booked you and me in for the same Botox deal which only runs until the end of the month. We’ll have to be fast.”

I agreed to it but then reneged the next day. Call me old-fashioned but half-price Botox administered by a nurse just didn’t appeal. So a few days later I had full-price Botox injected by a doctor.

There was only one wrinkle that concerned me and that was a single frown-line between my eyebrows. It was the first thing I saw in the mirror each morning. I frowned every time I looked at it. The Botox miraculously erased it almost immediately. I visited maybe twice a year for top-ups and so far I’ve resisted getting my crow’s feet done even if that means wasting half the little vial of poison.

I know how absurd choosing to immobilise facial muscles via the botulinum toxin is. I really do. I’ve read about the side-effects and seen all the when-Botox-goes-wrong images. It’s a polarising topic. Some people swear by it. Others are disgusted by it and think it represents everything that’s wrong with our superficial and self-obsessed society.

The last time I had Botox shots was in December so I’m well overdue for an appointment. I think I’ve decided to give it a rest for a while since the frown-line is still pretty much in remission. If I do feel like being injected in the face I might consider having some lines smoothed out with dermal fillers. In the meantime, my hairdresser has just cut me a fringe which has taken my forehead right out of the equation so, regardless of what treatment I opt for, that should definitely save me some money next time I’m after a spot of facial rejuvenation.

What’s your view on Botox? Have you ever had it or would you never contemplate it? Is it unforgivably vain or is it just another tool in the beauty toolbox?