Short and Sassy: Up-Do’s for Shorter Hairstyles

Short, sassy, and marvelous! Your short hair gives you the fun and fabulous look that you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, sometimes you can hit a stump when it comes to styling your fabulously short locks. Fortunately though, there are tons of different, easy styles for you to try at home! Using the right hair products, you can easily accomplish the up-do you really want!

short bun hair style

  • Poof Bun: This style says it all. It’s a poofy bun, giving you depth, dimension, and style. This is perfect for those who have shoulder-length hair that want to wear their hair up for a quick run to the mall, a lunch date with the gals, or a day at the office! The poof bun is the perfect style for just about any occasion.
    • Product Tip: For the poof bun, you want to use a strong-holding product, such as Big Sexy Hair. Big Sexy Hair Hairspray will give you all the hold you need to keep the wispy poof up and the tailored bun in place!
  • Twist and Roll: Twist it up, roll it out! This style is perfect for the office. It’s chic, classy, and very professional. This style keeps your hair up and out of your face, while still giving you sexy style. The twist and roll is clean and classy. For the perfect office look, this hairstyle can be easily accomplished with short hair.
    • Product Tip: With this look, you want to keep a sexy shine and a strong hold. Big Sexy Hair is the styling product for this job. It will keep your twist rolled up, keeping all your hair where it belongs.
  • Quiff: It’s fun, sexy, and easy! This rocker-look is perfect for those with super short hair. Play with this style and have a blast! The quiff style is perfect for an exciting night out with the girls! This is a fun and playful style that is easily accomplished with the right products!
    • Product Tip: KMS California is the best product for this up-do. This product adds volume to your hairstyle, giving you all the oomph and play you need to perfect this look.
  • Fauxhawk: It’s the perfect rocker look for any daring and fun lady out there! For the shorter hairstyles, the fauxhawk can be styled multiple ways. From a curly hawk to a slicked-back hawk, the fauxhawk is a fun and fabulous hairstyle for the brave!
    • Product Tip: Both Big Sexy Hair and KMS California are two great products for this style. They will keep the hawk up and give you all the poof you need for the perfect hair-do.

short hair do

Don’t worry; your short hair doesn’t have to be drab and boring! With these few styling tips and products, you can really jazz up your hair-do and give you a whole new look!

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