candle1 Slatkin & Co. Bloom Candles Bring Scents HomeCandles have been a staple in my home ever since I was very young. I’ve always loved the smell of seasonal candles – the spices at Christmas time, the candy-corn inspired scents of fall and the crisp and clean aroma’s of summer. Along with the organic smells of nature that come along with each season, the smell of candles that were in my home at certain parts of the year became associated with that certain time. Currently being in the warmer months of the season, what’s better than relaxing at home –maybe curling up to read a book or to watch television with a fresh scented candle? The spring and summer seasons bring about a whole new breed of aromas that awaken the spirit and refresh the mind.Bloom, a candle collection from Slatkin & Co. embraces the energizing appeal of the blooming world around you. Vivid greens and first buds break through, while crisp mornings give way to the bright sunny days ahead of you. Fresh and dewy, the world around you has awakened; the only question is, are you ready to take these refreshing scents into your home? The Bloom candle collection masters the sweet bouquets of classic florals and young greens. With a variety of different seasonal inspired scents, Bloom offers a candle that is just right for any taste. The range includes:

  • Green Grass: Refreshing as shaded grass on a warm, sunny day, this candle blends dewy greens and Meyer lemon, infused with Lily-of-the-Valley and a touch of jasmine
  • Spring: Like a dream of walking in a lush garden in full bloom, this candle combines sweet apple blossoms, yellow daisies and daffodils
  • Pink Tulip: As sweet as spring’s first bouquet, this candle blends fresh cut tulips, soft lilac and hyacinth with watery violet and a touch of sandalwood
  • First Bloom: Fresh as the first tender blooms in the garden, this delicate blend of dewy pear, peony petals and water lotus finishes with a hint of sweet apple blossom
  • Drenched Apple Flower: Invigorating as a walk through the orchard after a spring shower, this candle combines crisp Fuji apples with rain-soaked greens and pink lotus blossom
  • Orchard Petal: Like delicate, early blooms at the fruit orchard, dewy peony petals and pomegranate blend perfectly with sheer jasmine and fig
  • Poppy Sunshine: A luscious blend of red poppies on a sunny day, with sparkling lemon, sweet red raspberry and a touch of white musk
  • Garden Bouquet: A blossoming blend of red currant, strawberry flower, dewy floral accord, pink peony, white rose buds, purple jasmine, vanilla orchid and creamy musk

The Bloom candle collection is currently available at Bath & Body Works.

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