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Beth Mann

Spring and Summer Nail Trends ~ Montreal 2021 ­čîł

Top Trends for Nails at our Montreal Salon – 2021


Let your fingers do the talking this season with bold, bright colors and whimsical nail art. The manicurists at our Montreal salon are the best in their field and take your nails to the next level, always on top of the latest trends and designs.


Bold Pastel (Neon Pastel) Color Schemes are HOT this Spring/Summer!


These wildly popular bold pastel shades (also called “neon pastels)” are reminiscent of Easter egg colors but with a bit more of a punky punch. We’re talking colors like Peachy Keen, Plush Bleu, Spearmint, Vibrant Lilac Quartz, I am What I Amethyst, Go Ginza (deep plum shade), Mod About You and Mint Candy Apple to give you an idea. Ask one of our manicurists for their favorite selection of fun pastels.

Note in the images below that each bold pastel shade complements the other with no one color dominating the rest. That’s where the artistry comes in!

Spring and Summer Nail Trends  ~ Montreal 2021 🌈


 Now…where to put the colors.

Acrylic or Gel?


Spring and Summer Nail Trends  ~ Montreal 2021 🌈


Neon pastels look best on big nails…and we do mean BIG. Whether you go with gel extensions or acrylic extensions, both provide the “canvas” needed to showcase your color choices.

Remember: Acrylics tend to be harder than gel extensions. Gel nail extensions are more flexible and easier to remove. A parallel that’s often used: think of a plastic drinking cup versus a glass drinking cup. Acrylics are more similar to glass whereas gel is more similar to the plastic cup.

Nail health and lifestyle are both factors when choosing so consult with your manicurist first. You want nail extensions that fit you since they’ll be staying on for a while!

Nothing lifts the spirits more than well-manicured, brightly colored nails. Every time you look at them, you’ll smile…guaranteed.

Reach out to us so we can add some color to your life. Our manicurists are artists who bring ideas to the table as well as collaborate with your ideas.

[All manicure/pedicure services provided safely with strict cleanliness protocols in place.]


Spring and Summer Nail Trends  ~ Montreal 2021 🌈




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