Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Spring Nails 2020 – Artistry at your Fingertips! 🎨

You want a little trick to lift your mood? In honor of Spring, adorn your nails with daisies. Seriously, it’s like sunshine at your fingertips! And it is literally ALL the rage. Instagram is teaming with the cutest, springiest floral designs. (Just look up the #daisynails hashtag.)

Trends for Fingernails 2021 – From Sweet Pinks to Neon Greens to Floral Designs


Daisies and floral designs

Spring Nails 2020 – Artistry at your Fingertips! 🎨

Nail artwork has exploded in the last few years, no doubt aided by Instagram and other platforms where you can really show off and share your artistry in a heartbeat. This latest trend represents some of the best and most beautiful floral work. Expect precise detail, a smart balance of color and a ton of compliments.

Clean Lines

Spring Nails 2020 – Artistry at your Fingertips! 🎨

Spring is a time for cleaning up. This horizontally-inclined nail trend is all about a clean hand with hard but colorful lines that tighten up the look of any outfit. (A good choice for those with a busy lifestyle since it’s a maintainable and durable design.)

Grades of Pastel 

Spring Nails 2020 – Artistry at your Fingertips! 🎨

Like balayage for the fingertips, you’ll see the traditional pastel colors blending seamlessly into a shiny, clear finish (like the sun setting on your fingers). Expect some funky shades tossed in there, like neon pumpkin and pale blue funkadelic.

Palest Pink

Spring Nails 2020 – Artistry at your Fingertips! 🎨

So dainty and subtle – pink the way it should be! 2021 brides love this shade since it represents romance so well and pairs well with just about any wedding gown. This pink is traditional in shade, harkening back to just plain pretty nail polish. These soft pink pair nicely with gently squared nails.

Green Swirls and Swatches

Spring Nails 2020 – Artistry at your Fingertips! 🎨

While green swirls are trending on Instagram, we prefer the clever use of polka dots and distinctive symbols in combination with a fun, funky green like the shade pictured above.

What’s your Spring 2021 manicure dream? We have a team of artistic manicurists waiting to adorn your fingers. Let’s bring those nails of your back to life! Contact us. 


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