We're right in the thick of things at this year's New Zealand Fashion Week.

The annual trade event kicked off on Monday night and continues through the week, showcasing next season's Kiwi collections to all the big buyers. The country's fashion pack are flocking around the harbourside hub so we're down there snapping the best street style.

The way we see it, there are two ways to approach the art of dressing for Fashion Week.

The first is to be bold and make a statement - it's your annual opportunity to be outrageous. Alternatively, stay subtle, layering together a perfectly edited ensemble that says you're hip, stylish and cool, but don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.

Street Style:

The best dressed at Fashion Week

Best Dressed Man: Alex Blanco, blogger

The Four Eyes bloggers always dress for the occasion and we were quite taken by Alex Blanco's statement ensemble. If you're feeling proud like a peacock, this is how it's done, chaps. Not many men can pull of a white and gold look (Tube Gallery jacket & Zara jeans) with silver shoes (5cm) and a white manbag, but Alex makes it look effortless.

Best Dressed Woman: Amber Peebles, TV presenter and web editor

Amber Peebles killed it with a bold, colourful look designed around a bright orange ASOS jacket expertly complimented by her Zara skirt and necklace with a delicate white lace Liam top. Stunning.

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